Golden Contract: Ohara Davies books super-lightweight final

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His way Smashed final after stopping Jeff Ofori in York Hall on Friday night.

The Hackney fighter, who picked Ofori from the draw up, dropped his Londoner at the next before securing a TKO along with his second direct stoppage bonus, but hurt his hands in the process.
“Jeff has been a great deal rougher than I thought he’d be,” Davies told Sky Sports afterwards. “He was fit and he was in form and that I was shocked.
“I hurt my right hand in the struggle. I believe that it was round two.
“I’ve got a few weeks off. I’m likely to eat chips and legumes.”
His crazy hooks Ofori opportunities although davies was to the using his longer attain to measure the space using his jab that is probing.
Ofori backed his rival up at the second, shifting stances for close up and personal, while’Two Tanks’ started to obtain the target and has been credited just before the bell.
A weary Ofori was around the picture at the fourth but the Warriors now ruled a slip before enjoying success with a couple of adequate uppercuts along with the Tottenham fighter reacted by backing up Davies onto the ropes.
The 28-year-old recovered nicely to land unanswered rights to induce the referee although davies appeared to be rocked at the beginning of the sixth.

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