Graham Potter: Strange to get new Brighton deal ‘because we haven’t done anything’

Brighton manager Graham Potter admits it is a”little odd” to receive a new six-year contract because”we haven’t achieved anything”.
His team along with the 44-year-old obtained lengthy new deals six months after joining the team.
Potter, helper Billy Reid, assistant head of recruiting Kyle Macaulay and first-team trainer Bjorn Hamberg, were awarded short term contracts in March however this week signed before 2025.
The prior Swansea manager admitted he was astonished to be asked to extend his stay in the Premier League club by the chairman Tony Bloom.
He said:”I had been pretty much’Oh ok, thanks and yeah ok.’ There wasn’t too much to consider going to be fair, we have had a wonderful welcome , pleasant feeling at the club and pleasant feeling in the city.
“We have still got a lot to do, in my own standpoint it’s a little bit odd because we have not done anything.
“I am not one of those people that feels that protected by the amount of this contract. I know the company.
“it is a wonderful gesture symbol and sign from the club they think in the potential that we are showing… so we’re delighted.”
Potter disclosed he hadn’t had the time to celebrate due to the busy soccer calendar using Brighton game against Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday.
“I wasn’t celebrating because we’ve got games coming up, it’s nothing to observe, you celebrate in football when you realize what you would like to accomplish and do what you wish to do,” he explained.
Potter told reporters he believes Liverpool are the best club in England.
He said:”They’re a terrific team, professionally possess our enormous esteem, winners of Europe and also the quantity of points they’ve got during the previous season and a little is outstanding.
“They’ve got danger all over the pitch, on the 1 hand it is really so good, and you’re thankful you’re not doing it each week because if you’re facing Liverpool every week you have got troubles.
“They’ve got pretty much everything you need in a group. So the dull answer is that we need to play really very nicely, so they must play not so well and we must be blessed”
Brighton go after 13 Premier League matches into the clash in 12th place, and Brighton’s boss is currently anticipating their toughest test of the season so far.
“You are going to Anfield, it is a huge football surroundings and we’re playing the best team therefore it does not get any better for individuals in relation to a challenge,” he said.
“We will need to move there and be brave and try and be and get something out of the game.”

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