Guys & Bets (Episode 217): Three NBA, One NHL and Two Champions League Picks

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A day following Iain Macmillan sat for the series and riled the New York Islanders fan base up, cover a light Tuesday board in the sportsbetting world and Andrew Avery returns to sit with Joe Osborne.
Joe is and he makes a stop in Philadelphia since the 76ers host in what looks to be the largest game on the docket, the Denver Nuggets. Never one to shy away from a 1st quarter spread, that where Joe’s pick is for this particular one.
Ninja’s NBA selection comes to the Charlotte Hornets from the Washington Wizards trip and he’s got while Joe follows that up with a participant squirt in this particular contest, a team complete play.
Joe pick comes from the ice because the Edmonton Oilers host the Carolina Hurricanes and he’s got a total locked in for this one.
Ninja includes a set of Champions League selections now, that he does not really love on the show. He heads on to Germany as Borussia Dortmund finishes off the show with a choice as Lyon hosts RB Leipzig and hosts Slavia Prague.
As always, the series wraps up with a Q&A session to our audiences, so you’ve always wanted to ask if there is anything, you should be joining us live daily at noon ET in our YouTube station!

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