Harry Kane says Jose Mourinho can end Tottenham’s 11-year trophy drought

Harry Kane considers Jose Mourinho will make the distinction for Tottenham and allow them to finish their trophy drought.
An eventful week at Spurs saw Mauricio Pochettino fired and replaced 12 hours later by Mourinho.
Mourinho, back into the game after 11 weeks out, then led his team to a 3-2 win in their first Premier League away win since January 20.
In making Spurs among the best sides in England for all of the brilliant work Pochettino failed, his five-and-a-half-year stint finished despite three semi-finals and just two finals, with no silverware.
Kane hasn’t been quiet about his desire to win trophies at Spurs and he’s trusting that Mourinho – a man with a plethora of titles to his name – will help him achieve his targets.
“The gaffer’s won at every club he has gone – there is no hiding from this,” Kane said.
“He wants to win. He is a proven winner. I have made it clear that I’m in the stage of my career where I need to win trophies.
“I’ve made it clear I want to acquire them and it’s a big season for us.
“Realistically we look at the Champions League and the FA Cup this season to try and do that, so we’ll see how that goes and from my standpoint I’ll continue doing what I am doing, keep fighting this golf club onto the pitch.
“You could say (Mourinho can make the gap ) because of his standing.
“It has been so, until we build that relationship and find out how things get on within the next two or three weeks, we will not know.
“But all of us want to acquire. We wanted to triumph when Mauricio was still here, we would like to win the exact same today the gaffer’s here.
“But of course when somebody’s got a reputation like he has, it gives you confidence, it provides you that opinion in the group.
“It’s almost a new slate for everyone today to show the manager what they are able to do and hopefully the players may thrive on this.”
Kane was a supporter of all Pochettino, crediting him with making him.
He revealed how he travelled to the Argentine’s home rather than being given the opportunity to say goodbye at the practice centre of the club.
“it is a week I’ve never actually had in my career earlier,” he said.
“It was a huge shock on Tuesday night for everyone, the players added, and then it was a quick turnaround.
“All the sudden we’ve got a new supervisor, one of the greatest managers there has been at the sport, so automatically you have to turn your head towards that and concentrate on the game.
“I have been to see (Pochettino). The following moment, I moved round to his home and caught him up.

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