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This Tennessee defense has been exceptional, to say the very least, and three division winners have been defeated by the Titans in a row. Tennessee will keep it close but knowing the Chiefs were a year ago at the AFC championship game, ” I believe although they pull this one out but don’t cover.
When these teams hooked up this year, a game 35-32 was won by Tennessee, with 41 points scored in the second half. In the AFC Championship Game this past year, the Patriots and Chiefs combined for 54 points in the second half.
Mahomes’d 321 passing yards in the Chiefs’ record-setting triumph over the Houston Texans. Mahomes played this year, he went that includes opting to the Titans for 446 in the loss of Week 10 and OVER 310 yards.
Mahomes did it last week tossing a record-tying four TD passes in the second quarter alone. He accomplished the feat in last year’s AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots as well.
The very first time the Niners dominated Levi’s Stadium, winning by 29, and I believe we saw a glimpse of that Niners team last week. The Packers were lucky last week from Seattle, along with Niners stars Emmanuel Sanders, Deebo Samuel and George Kittle didn’t even need to do much of anything within their 17-point win from the Vikings. They’ll from the NFC championship game this week.
I know you are going head-to-head against the Chiefs however, the Titans defense has been outstanding and should find a few holds. I have a feeling this Niners group is about to explode from the Packers’ streak defense.
Rodgers had just 104 yards passing against this Niners when getting sacked five times and could not get anything, when these teams met this season on a Sunday night. The Niners seem to be clicking and the Packers have been a fortunate squad throughout the year.
Kittle was silent last week at the triumph over the Vikings but earlier in the season against the Packers he’d 129 yards receiving. Kittle was not heard from last week but he will be around the field making plays from an Packers defense that was overrated this week.

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