Harry’s Hypothetical Prop Shop: Thanksgiving Edition

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I’d like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

Most of us have memories of their very own Thanksgiving and soccer has ever been a part of this exceptional day for me personally.
When I was growing up, my family members goes to my grandparents’ home for Thanksgiving and my grandmother would bake lasagna — which I really preferred — instead of turkey as part of a full meal. The food was unbelievable but their television in the 1980s wasn’t. We weren’t allowed to watch soccer while we were eating (Grandma’s rules) but once we could finally watch the games, the picture on her television was constantly tinted lime green for some reason and she’d needed it fixed.
So at like 12 years old I am watching a green display and had basically no idea what team scored unless I had been just like a foot away from your screen and even then she’d yell at me and tell me I’m going to go blind sitting that close to the television. Great times, right?
At 22 I moved to Las Vegas where I worked as a casino manager and Ever since that time, times — and, thank God, televisions –‘ve changed and I really liked working on Thanksgiving. You would better think again, if you think it would be quiet on that day at a casino. People in Las Vegas had an excuse to get out of the house at some point during the afternoon so they would file into watch soccer and the sportsbook would be packaged.
I have been for a while out of the casino business and I have gone into some pal Cousin Sal’s home for your holiday. The host of our podcast Against All Odds with Cousin Sal, he and his family do Thanksgiving correct and because he is a devoted Cowboys fan, it is a huge day in the Iacono household with soccer being around and in the air from the moment all of us wake up (I always stay??at his own home too ).
This year, however I promised my girlfriend I’d return to her hometown of Salt Lake City for the vacation and her grandmother’s 90th birthday and, by what I discovered through my girlfriend’s dad, the grandma cooks an??extremely dry and tasteless turkey. Oh, and the nation of Utah is getting struck with a snowstorm to add insult to injury. Times ?
To attempt to make light of this situation, allow me to tell you I can eat — a great deal. So the great folks at Odds Shark and I would love to begin our own heritage and flow a struggle, if you will or prop stake .
The setting is going to be a bar and that I will use the OVER/UNDER for the Bears-Lions game (39) as a goal or prop for consumption chicken wings (twist turkey, I do not even like it that much and do miss my grandmother’s homemade lasagna). Again I can pound the wings back, although yes, 39 wings sounds like a ton and that I need to be able to, considering I grew up a couple of hours away from Buffalo, so I suppose it is in my bloodstream. I did a practice run last weekend and I set down 20 effortlessly, therefore 39 is a reachable number (by the way, maybe not judging me here, I’m not judging you lol).
When I’m likely to reach this amount, rather than eating to be an animal at first and not having anything left in the tank at the end it is likely best to go gradually. I have the confidence in myself but the motivation for me is that the longer wings I consume, the less I’ll be able to eat later at the house of my girlfriend’s grandmother.
Aside from my wing challenge, our own Guys & Bets host Joe Osborne will possess ex-NFL greats Steven Jackson and Patrick Willis on the show discussing the matches and they will be having a football picking contest called Pros vs Joe where they make one point each for choosing the game, the total and a brace for each Thanksgiving Day match.
Among the picks (The Money Pick) is the two points for a possible total of 10 points. This is going to be a good deal of fun and I’m here in the Prop Shop to place odds on who wins the contest.
Joe does this for a living, he’s a wonderful friend and also a consummate professional (plus I owe him one since I broke his chops regarding his singing Guys & Bets last week).
The ex-linebacker might just know a little about the best way to select prop-wise since a couple of excellent defenses in the Bears and Bills are playing on Thursday.
Sorry to Steven, even though he is from Las Vegas. I met him onto a trip in 2007 because we were going to the Giants-Buccaneers game and that he was so incredibly pleasant, however he’d Tampa Bay from the game from my New York Giants, while he’s a hell of a man, his NFL selections are highly questionable.
As for the games , here are a couple of my seafood afternoon props on Harry’s Hypothetical Prop Shop:
Will the MVP be a player After Joe Buck and Troy Aikman of Fox present the Galloping Gobbler award for its MVP of the Bears-Lions match?
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will be shown plenty as will broadcaster Tony Romo met and spoke golf using at Sal’s yearly Halloween celebration. By kickoff to the snap, who’ll be viewed more on television?
As it is a big day for Jerry Jones and now all of us know he likes to speak, will he talk trash after the Bills-Cowboys match about his head trainer, Jason Garrett (and I think we can determine what trash talk is made up of)?
All of this is excellent stuff and a lot to digest (not including the wings) so??let’s have fun with all of this about Thanksgiving Day. Everyone out there have a Terrific holiday and do not forget to check out Bets on Thanksgiving Day because of my poultry wing challenge & Guys and Joe Osborne’s Experts vs Joe NFL game picking contest with ex-football greats Steven Jackson and Patrick Willis
And for a few props you can really bet, take a look at the NFL props segment at BetOnline.

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