Harry’s Odd Prop Picks for Super Bowl 54

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This is a play where it appears too easy to take San Francisco. The Niners??have jumped out to a 7-0 lead to their play games. Meanwhile, Andy Reid’s group basically the first quarter for moving has been taken by it –??the Titans and the Houston Texans last week play an early field goal and 21, respectively from the first quarter of play. In last year’s AFC championship game, the Patriots scored against the Chiefs. Therefore, it could make”perfect sense” to choose the 49ers here, and on that fact I’m going Chiefs to score .
Inside this scenario this season, a team has scored in the 49ers’ playoff games. In the Chiefs’ last seven playoff games, a person has scored in the last two minutes of the first half.
On the last 87 NFL playoff matches (as 2013), the UNDER’s album is an amazing 62-25. It is in wild-card games but then it gets good –??15-1 in conference championships 25-7 in divisional rounds and 5-2 at the Super Bowl. This stat is as great as it could get.
Well, I believe that this is a great value play considering his spouse J-Lo is going to be the halftime act and he works for FOX’s Major League Baseball team. A value that is wonderful place here!
This isn’t such a value play as A-Rod’s prop is and I am not sure what ass cleavage is, but what it is, yes, please!
Her group Miami Sound Machine and estefan are legends in the music world also it would be cool to see her and J-Lo play a tune in her hometown.
Look, what is fair is fair and all of us know we’ll see some kind of video during the match of Montana leading the 49ers down the field for a winning score in a Super Bowl, so that they have to show him in a Chiefs uniform also.
It’s actually a hard call but I believe it is best if it’s left alone. Whenever he is mentioned, there is no pleasure to be had, and also the Super Bowl is supposed to be precisely that.
FOX??should mention him probably won’t. Kansas City sent him packing to Washington to make room after which he basically had his leg snapped during a match with the Redskins. If that is mentioned by them, the man deserves 15 last minutes of fame.
Joe’s father is a legend at the fraternity, also he had been the most broadcaster for the first Super Bowl. More than a reference is deserved by his dad and it might be a instant that neither Joe nor any of us will forget.

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