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I was able to watch most of these games and dissect every aspect which went together with the entertainment value of this league. For the many football fans who said once the Super Bowl finished, football is finished, I state they’re wrong. The product that was on the area this past weekend had more ups than downs and football fans who are going through soccer withdrawal should provide some consideration to the XFL.
DC Defenders 31, Seattle Dragons 19 Houston Roughnecks 37, Los Angeles Wildcats 17 New York Guardians 23, Tampa Bay Vipers 3 St. Louis BattleHawks Dallas Renegades, 15 9
To be honest, we as football fans didn’t know what we were going to view, but to our surprise that the gaming discussion was prevalent from the beginning of the very first game. The announcers in all four matches said that the spread and the total more occasions than we can count (which can be a good thing).
We had a bit of controversy at the first game in regards into the total. The OVER/UNDER from the Defenders/Dragons game has been 51.5 and DC headed 31-19 in the fourth quarter when the Dragons kicked a field goal to make it 31-22. That put the game OVER, that was mentioned on the air line, except the Defenders were flagged for running into the kicker. Dragons head coach Jim Zorn chosen to take the points off the board and strive for a touchdown however the ball turned around on the DC five-yard lineup and the match finished 31-19.
Additionally, on Sunday during the Dallas-St. Louis sport, explained what happened with regard to the OVER/UNDER and ESPN announcer Tom Hart made references to the propagate and who covered the time. At the conclusion of the match when it exhibited the score, ESPN included the spread and total and showed who’d covered the spread. In all my years of observing sports, that has been a complete first. Expect that to be the norm moving into Week 2 and beyond.
Grade: A-
I’ve got to give ESPN sideline reporter Dianna Russini credit. I’ve never seen a sideline reporter scramble and run around like she did to find evaluation. Russini did a great job, as did everyone reporting from the sidelines, and I’d likewise provide this an”A” however during her XFL report, a Dragons participant on live tv threw two F-bombs, that likely produced ESPN think twice about if it was such a good idea.
Grade: B-
It was nice to hear what the head coach thought during a match and get his input, however in this case we didn’t get much. Anyway, we as supporters were too busy trying to work out what play calls were everything, because we can hear the head coaches calling the plays.
Grade: A-
They got it right each and every time and there were some instances where immediate replay was demanded and were incredibly quick about it. We’re interested in the game but don’t need reviews , so that was sterile. I was amazed by how the referees didn’t call penalties constantly such as officials do in the NFL and commanded the game. The NFL refs must have taken notes from the XFL. Also, when there was a problem (which was not often at all), they got together and also got the call right in a timely manner, which was also refreshing.
Grade: C
The defense in these types of games was hard-hitting and strong, but the crime was average at best. Head coach Bob Stoops and Even the Dallas Renegades, as an example, had a difficult time even putting drawbacks together. They managed nine points from the game and had been a 9-point favored. Possibly the best player in the group is the injured quarterback, Landry Jones, that might help if he’s back this week against Los Angeles, improve my C + grade. It’s just that the quarterbacks in this group are having a problem with their accuracy going deep downfield, which might be a reason.
1. Following consuming 37 points within their first match into the Houston Roughnecks the Los Angeles Wildcats fired defensive coordinator Pepper Johnson.
2. At halftime of the DC match, the kicker was first interviewed after building a field goal out of 55 yards (he’d overlooked a 35-yard FG before ). That is.
3. We had our very first ejection for punches that are thrown . That is something these soccer guys never understand, no matter what league we’re speaking about. Ricky Walker of all Tampa Bay and a New York Guardians player’s face mask connected. Correct me if I’m wrong but would hurt the puncher more than the punchee?
4. The camera has been on wide receiver Kahlil Lewis of those Roughnecks when he went for vomiting to get a world record in space. As they chose to demonstrate a second effort of vomiting because the match went on that Lewis could perform the cameraman believed, I guess. Vince McMahon has to have declared anything goes just like from the WWE.
5. It is well worth mentioning again the first-ever sideline interview with a player created not one but two F-bombs if he was explaining what had been going on out to the area.
Grade: B+
The gaming aspect has been something to listen and watch. To consider when Al Michaels of Sunday Night Football makes a type of benchmark, we chat about it and as fans will go crazy. Here, we have a heavy dose of it in the first snap. It would have been better to see some plays that were exciting and scoring , however. In Week 1, five of these eight teams didn’t score 20 points.
Prediction: Defenders 24, Guardians 13
The Defenders live up with their title and closed down QB Matt McGloin along with the Guardians.
Prediction: Vipers 22, Dragons 15
The Vipers clean their turnover problems and the Dragons are still have problems on defense.
Prediction: Renegades 26
After having cover in their home and rolled by the Roughnecks, the Wildcats bounce back.
BattleHawks 29, roughnecks 32
Jump onto the OVER as both squads show off their offensive weapons in this week’s match.

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