Hillsborough trial: Jury retires to consider verdict in David Duckenfield case

The jury at the trial of Hillsborough game commander David Duckenfield has retired to consider its verdicts.
After hearing more than six months of evidence in the 29, the seven girls and 3 men on the prosecution were shipped out.
The chief superintendent, 75, denies the gross negligence manslaughter of 95 Liverpool supporters at the FA Cup semi-final on April 15 1989.
Ninety-six guys, women and kids died following the crush on the terrace however, under the legislation at the time, there may not be a prosecution for the passing of their 96th victim Tony Bland because he died more than a year and a day after the disaster.
The court has discovered Duckenfield ordered exit gates into the stadium be opened following crowds constructed outside the turnstiles, allowing fans to go through exit and down the tunnel where the smash occurred.
Richard Matthews QC, prosecuting, said the game commander’s personal responsibility put at”the center” of this situation.
However, Benjamin Myers QC, defending, said the former South Yorkshire Police officer had become a”target of attribute” and the prosecution had been unjust.
Judge Sir Peter Openshaw cautioned the jury to put aside the emotion since they believed the circumstance.
He explained:”The deaths of 96 audiences, lots of whom were quite young, is, obviously, a profound human tragedy attended by much anguish and anger that for many has not passed time.
“However, as both counsel have advised you and I can now direct you, even as you go about your duty you need to put aside your feelings and sympathies, either to the bereaved households or really for Mr Duckenfield, and also decide the case with a chilly,
Calm and dispassionate overview of the evidence which you’ve heard in court.”
Duckenfield stood trial however, the jury had been discharged after failing to reach a verdict.

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