Honda agrees Red Bull engine supply extension deal until 2021

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After agreeing a yearlong extension with Red Bull honda will stay in Formula 1 at least until the end of 2021.
The Japanese company committed to continuing from the game following talks between Red Bull motorsport boss Helmut Marko and its own board week.
The business is still negotiating with Red Bull within the span.
F1 is going after new technological rules directed at making rushing closer’s arrangement into a new age in 2021.
The statement serves that Red Bull will continue past the end of 2020 in F1, when most of the teams’ contracts perish.
The groups will be in the process of negotiating new commercial terms with F1, which can be anticipated to see a revision of the supply of the prize fund and also also a split in revenues.
Of the top three teams, both Ferrari and Mercedes have not yet committed to staying beyond 2020 in the sport.
Honda made the announcement in low-key fashion, determining not to put press launch or a formal statement .
The company said:”This time it is a contract extension, not a new instance. Therefore, we haven’t made a press release.”
Honda combined forces with the senior Red Bull team in 2019 and have won several races.
It had a tough first few years back in F1 following its choice to come back with McLaren in partnership.
The motors of the company were criticised for being uncompetitive and the connection broke down at the end of 2017.
However, it became apparent after Honda transferred to supply Toro Rosso at 2018 that a number of McLaren’s lack of pace was down into the car of the team.
Honda has made additional progress with its and has surfaced as a force in the front of the grid this year using Red Bull.
Both the German, Austrian and Brazilian Grands Prix was won by max Verstappen, and Red Bull have become regular contenders in the front in the latter stages of this year, which ends this weekend.

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