Houston Roughnecks vs Tampa Bay Vipers XFL Pick – February 22

I truly can’t think that money has come in on Tampa Bay here.
The Vipers are 0-2.
They’ve scored 12 points that season.
The offense has zero touchdowns in 120 minutes of football.
That is their home opener. It’s nothing like the weather will truly be a factor.
As the crow flies houston isn’t that way from T-Town and the warm air in northeast Texas is similar to that of all south-central Florida.
Even the Houston Roughnecks have set up 68 points, 42 of which came from quarterback PJ Walker touchdown passes.
The Vipers stink on offense, convinced, but their defense has been very solid this season.
This is especially true for its pass defense that allowed opposing quarterbacks an average of completion percentage in the two games thus far this year.
One thing worth noting here is former Virginia Tech Hokie celebrity .
Simply take this into account that the Tampa Bay Vipers will debut CFL juggernaut wideout SJ Green this week who is anticipated to offer the Vipers crime that is near-dead with some semblance of existence.
Since the safeties begin to creep upward, tampa will try to slow the game down with a run-heavy attack and hit the play activity over the surface to Green.
This might very well be Tampa’s best game of this year and Houston’s worst.
Then, though, the’Necks should cover the 5.5. I could stay far but I like this number When it was 7 or more things.
Sure, the decibels behind the soccer league that is new are beginning to decrease. That’s to be expected. The unknown was not anticipated to propel the XFL for the year.
We’ve observed the rules they simply are not as new and while I think that they are extremely interesting and quite safe and fair.
As far as the Houston Roughnecks are worried, being Cam Phillips will hurt but a 6-point victory isn’t asking either against a team who has 12 points annually scored.
Enjoy the games!

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