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Thanksgiving Day is a terrific vacation for us Americans. It is an opportunity for us to consume, eat (maybe too much), nap (after all of the eating) and watch football. There’s no greater way to spend some time with your family.
You might choose to be a fan of the wonderful game of pigskin. Or if you’re like me, you will want to set your cash. However, should you wager NFL games on Thanksgiving Day? With just three games on the slate, is there an edge in the event you fade the board because the lines should be near flawless or at all?
30 NFL matches have been played with three matches, on Thanksgiving Day each year.
Here Is What the data reveals:
Favorites have experienced a slight advantage on Thanksgiving Day, heading 24-6 SU and 18-12 ATS since 2009. Even better, favorites are a perfect 6-0 SU and ATS in the last couple of decades.
Home favorites need to pay, right? It’s a vacation and teams wish to show up for their fans, right? Yes, but from a perspective, that does not necessarily translate to covering spreads. In actuality, house favorites??are just??10-9 ATS because 2009 despite winning 14 of these 19 games straight up.
Who does not love taking the underdog? As you remember, they’re having a excellent season (still). During 12 weeks of the NFL campaign, underdogs are 94-77-5 ATS (55% ). The figures have dipped somewhat from a couple of weeks back when underdogs were hitting at an insane 60 percent. That hasn’t been the case for Thanksgiving Day games. From the 30 matches, home teams in that scenario are a woeful 2-9 ATS and have been the underdog 11 days.
An individual would assume that the OVER would be more inclined to hit on Turkey Day games because it’s a vacation and gamers want to dash home for their own families. Well, that is most likely true that gamers would love to spend time with their own families but there is no edge to be had here. Sport totals are a close 50 percent.
The 3 games on the slate for Thanksgiving 2019??are:
Chicago Bears -3 in Detroit Lions
Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys -7
New Orleans Saints -7 at Atlanta Falcons
Opportunities courtesy of BetOnline.
No teams have observed more Turkey Day activity compared to Cowboys and Lions, with both groups having played 10 days on Thanksgiving. Considering that 2009??The Cowboys, coming from a huge road loss to the New England Patriots, will soon be seeking to make a comeback this week. In case you were thinking about shooting a play on Dem Boyz, tread lightly as they’re a lousy 2-8 ATS plus a coin-flip 5-5 SU in their last 10 Thanksgiving Day NFL games. The Lions historically have not done better, submitting a 5-5 ATS record and a 4-6 SU mark.
In terms of the groups, this is going to probably be the Bills’ first Thanksgiving Day game in the past ten years. The Saints have two games under their belt in that span, one from 2018 along with another in 2010, for a 2-0 ATS and SU record. Meanwhile, the Falcons have played only 1 match, last year, and it had been against the Saints. They dropped 31-17, failing to cover since 12.5-point dogs. The Bears have played games, going 2-1 ATS and SU.
Although it’s a small sample size, it does look great to fade both home dogs. In the event you have been a real gambler, you could even parlay the three favorites on the moneyline. Naturally, as I always preach, clinic bankroll management and never wager more than you can afford to lose.
Another choice is not to bet in any way. Rather, spend the day with your family and friends for a Friendsgiving or create small friendly wagers with loved ones such as purchasing a six-pack or taking a shot for each interception Mitchell Trubisky throws.
(Just kidding. Do not do this!)
No matter what you decide, have a happy Thanksgiving. May it bring you a complete stomach, a fantastic rest and possibly some excess dough.
Joe’s Thanksgiving Day Betting Primer for trends and information, check out.

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