Indianapolis Colts still processing Andrew Luck retirement, says owner Jim Irsay

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Owner Jim Irsay Acknowledges That the Indianapolis Colts are still in mourning over the sudden retirement of Andrew Luck at August 2019.

“I really don’t believe you quite come to terms with that,” Irsay said in an radio interview with Indy station The Fan on Monday morning.
“He is a unique guy. He is a special man for your organisation 29 years old. I informed him’Andrew, this can be a free country and I admire your choice.’
“I’d never wish to talk someone from this because how that this game is performed, it is not a contact sport. It’s a collision sport. It is a challenging match.”
Luck leaving soon before the beginning of the season forced the Colts to make a pledge to Jacoby Brissett, that signed up a contract.
But with several notable free agent quarterbacks along with also a draft the Colts are shopping in the position.
For the time being, it window shopping season in Indianapolis. That can definitely change.
Philip Rivers, tom Brady, Marcus Mariota and Nick Foles — who has a strong connection with head coach Frank Reich – are one of choices the Colts may contemplate.
Foles is under contract for three more seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars however his contract may push him.
“We will keep assessing that place,” Irsay produced apparent. “I suggest you guys know just how important that is. You know I know how important that is.
“I know we will get the ideal answer and Jacoby could have a much higher ceiling he has today. That’s a chance. We can draft someone. That is a possibility. We are going to see what happens, however, clearly that is the place that is very important.”
Closing the door Luck, who had shoulder and calf injuries the previous two seasons, isn’t in Irsay’s nature.
He admitted there is part of him that wonders”what if” in regards to Luck feeling revived following a season away.
“Nowadays, for quarterbacks, they are protected more than ever,” he explained.
“Everyone knows in the event you touch a quarterbackthe flag is on the floor 15 yards. So I think that’s a benefit. I attempt to make the debate (with him) also,’Think about the $700m you’re leaving on the desk (laughs)?””
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