Jack Grealish has what some top Premier League players don’t, says Jamie Carragher

Why Jack Grealish has qualities Liverpool and Man City attacking players don’t on Monday Night 22, jamie Carragher laid out.
Grealish was called man of the game Aston VIlla’s 2-0 win over Newcastle later returning from a month-long accident, making more chances (six) than anyone else on the pitch.
After the game, Carragher told Monday Night Football that which created the Aston Villa captain, that was deployed in a rather unusual spot on the left of a front , distinct from many other Premier League attacking players.
“Very few players have got that swagger,” he explained. “It seems like when he gets the ball, the match in some ways stops and folks are waiting to find out what he’s likely to do. Defenders are fearful to engage him and go to him, they’re waiting for a smart pass, a body motion.
“He is different from a lot of the greatest players, he mentioned the Liverpool front playing and three in this place, however you think of City’s along with Liverpool’s front , it is a good deal about speed and getting in behind, however some of those players in these top clubs don’t have what he has. Running the match.
“It is not true when the ball comes to him can he keep it, it’s what smart pass is he will play? I feel as the opposition don’t want to take the ball off make sure that he plays it easy.
“He has class. I recall growing up, watching football with my dad. He would say the great players had the time on the chunk. And whenever I look at himit seems like he has an extra half an instant than anybody else.”
With places likely up for grabs at England’s midfield before next summer’s Euro 2020 finals, Grealish is to make his first mature call-up, with chosen England over Ireland in 2015, but now has amazed for Villa throughout his first 11 games of the season.
Neville said that competition may stand in his own way, although that form could give the 24-year-old a shout of a look-in for the group of Gareth Southgate.
“He just has to do it consistently,” he said. “England have got a lot of very good players. You think about what James Maddison is currently doing in the moment at Leicester, playing in a high level.
“Grealish has to do this week in, week out and he has made a great start after coming back from injury.
“I was impressed by him. He wanted the ball all the time. He didn’t get the output he’d like because he’d want a goal and an assist but the match conducted. He’ll be happy with his performance and will Dean Smith.”
Grealish admitted he’d prefer to be set up as a”number eight” talking to Sky Sports after fulltime, but stated he had been happy playing asked.
Villa boss Dean Smith added:”He has been productive when he’s played up the pitch for us, he pulls fouls from people. Folks don’t want to handle him and that he does it a lot in training also.
“There’s times when I’ll play him as an eight, so he makes lung-busting runs from there, him and John McGinn complement each other very well. I think Jack’s got a excellent relationship with Connor Hourihane, therefore when he does possess a ramble and Connor simply falls to that little hole behind where he is left.”

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