James Maddison’s progress praised by Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers has commended James Maddison, who made his England debut at the 7-0 thrashing of Montenegro’s improvement.
Maddison was sent home while he recovered from sickness, before being spotted at a match.
England manager Gareth Southgate has kept faith with the Norwich player also Foxes boss Rodgers was keen to emphasize how hard he has worked to create all facets of his game.
Rodgers said:”If you have a look at his numbers this year, in terms of the goals he’s scored and created, he’s shown he is a big-game participant. He has scored goals against Liverpool, against Arsenal, against Tottenham.
“The bit I’ve been really happy with is the bit people may look at and believe he isn’t so superior as to be No 8, that’s the defensive side.
“That would not be the case now. That’s since arriving here, that when he’s to play in that place, he needs to be really good at his pressing, intercepting, blocking the area I’ve emphasized.
“I’m not massively into stats but when you look into the numbers around the side of his game, he’s up almost 50 per cent in how he presses the game, the number of interceptions he gets, and cubes.
“If you rank him against other gamers at that place, that places him alongside the likes of Jordan Henderson. You’d never say that using all the naked eye.
“I know Jordan, he is a wonderful player, along with his huge strength is that penalizing and how aggressive he is at getting back the ball.
“If you label onto that his creative side, then what you’ve got is a great football player who’s progressing and learning.
“James is among lots of very good players together with England and it’s more or less preference, if Gareth [Southgate] and his staff wish to pick him, you can see he is at the level.
“If not, he will continue to get the job done. He doesn’t expect to perform, he’s not entitled, but he really loves playing will hopefully get many more caps to his country.”
Jose Mourinho has gained over as boss of Tottenham from Mauricio Pochettino and Rodgers insisted there wasn’t any truth when asked about speculation connecting him with the job.
“There’s nothing to speak on it. This game is filled with speculation and gossip,” additional Rodgers.
“The only thing I would say is I am quite happy here at Leicester, I just joined the club in February.
“Everything has been great here because we’ve been in and there’s a job here we want to grow”
Leicester play Brighton in the AMEX within their first game back after the worldwide break and Rodgers is amazed by Graham Potter has achieved since shooting from Chris Hughton.
“Graham’s gone in with another idea about how to work and in particular at home, they’ve been very remarkable,” said Rodgers.
“They look to construct the game out of have assurance.
“They are going to be a threat. They can reverse systems if they need to. We know it will be a really good test.
“They know it’ll be as great evaluation also!”

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