Jamie Redknapp joins the F2 to select Premier League XI

The Kings of the Premier League series returns with a different on the panel that Friday on Sky Sports.
Sky Sports presenter Adam Smith and tourists construct a XI in the top-performing players within the past month, armed with votes and rankings by the fans.
This season, Smithy is connected Billy Wingrove and also the F2 freestylers, with Jamie Redknapp and Jez Lynch, who will reveal a coming project.
The guys will pit stats comparing results in the statistical Power Rankings with supporters’ votes for Kings of the Match on the Premier League site.
The guests depended prior to provided remarks on a number of the things that were sexy at this time and being forced to an option.
Do the Premier League’s literary leaders make the cut in the XI of this month, or do the lovers’ favourites earn starting berths? Tune into Sky Sports Premier League at 8pm on Friday to Learn.
It’s possible to attempt to predict their team utilizing the application below. Once built, it is possible to share @PL together using the hashtag #KOTPL.
We have included the best six players in each position from the Power Rankings and Kings of the Match this season. Keep in mind, you’re choosing the top-performing players over the previous three Premier League matchdays…

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