Jesse Lingard: Manchester United midfielder says Ronaldinho advice shaped his positive atittude

Jesse Lingard says his determination as he targets a return to play soccer with a positive approach has been formed by information from Ronaldinho.
Since he captained his own club on Thursday for the very first time in a 2-1 defeat against Astana the 26-year-old scored his first goal since January.
Credits retired Brazil World Cup winner Ronaldinho to the optimistic attitude of the midfielder even though a season up to now, about the pitch.
“I remember meeting him in America a couple of years back, he said to me:’No matter what, always love football, constantly play a smile on your head’,” Lingard told the Mirror.
“Then, I constantly do that. It’s mad watching videos of him, then actually meeting him for him to really have that advice for me, and it felt mad. You just accept that on board from among those all-time greats.
“Everybody who dreamed of being a footballer and can be a footballer, our fantasies are made and we’re in a wonderful place so all I can do is grin. Naturally, you need to win the match but that pleasure side is essential.”
Lingard was part of the England team that reached the World Cup but has since dropped his place.
He insists he is intent on regaining his spot ahead of next summer’s Euro 2020 finals, by impressing for United and helping the team achieve silverware this season under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.
“There is always that hunger and fight for positions and obviously it moves to form and where you’re at club shrewd for me, it is about getting back to the Jesse that everybody knows and the Jesse Lingard that I understand,” he said.
“Things can affect that on the pitchoff the pitch, however, mentality is key, confidence is belief and key is essential.
“For my team, my dream is undoubtedly a trophy. We’ve worked so hard last season, this year we started off.
“A trophy is in our sights and we have to focus on winning a trophy, getting that winning atmosphere by raising a trophy.”

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