Jose Mourinho: I just love being back where I belong

Jose Mourinho is”back where he belongs” at the dugout with Tottenham, and he confessed on Saturday he”just loves it.”
The Tottenham of mourinho got off to a winning start, beating West Ham 3-2 on Saturday, their first away league win as January.
After a drop in form in recent weeks, Mourinho praised Dele Alli because of his good performance, and spoke of his delight in being back as No 1 he was glad to hear music in the room, after the game.
Mourinho appeared delighted to be back into the dugout, 11 months from his mommy in Manchester United, also confessed he found his break odd occasionally, looking at what other groups and supervisors were performing during pre-season.
“To confess to youpersonally, the most difficult moment for me in those 11 months has been the area of the summertime time where for the first time I didn’t really have a pre-season and I was considering other teams and other supervisors doing pre-seasons.
“The thing which has been the strangest feeling was I was going to football stadiums and sometimes I had been discovering myself wondering what I was doing here.
“This was the bizarre feeling. I belong there [on the ]. That is where I belong. So now the feeling is where I belong, that I was. That’s my natural habitat.
“Can I extra psychological? No. Was I nervous before the match? No. But I just love it. Particularly when things go in your path, obviously, the best thing in football is to win matches.”
However, after securing their first away league win since January, Mourinho said that he was pleased as Spurs picked up three points from the Premier League for the first time in two months to be about a dressing room.
“It was really very, very important,” he explained. “Eleven months without audio in the dressing room. Without a grin, with no happiness, and they did this . I’m quite happy with them, I am happy for them.
“It had been very tough for all of us to acquire but my feeling is that we had been nearer to 4-0 compared to West Ham were to 3-1 but that is actually the Premier League and also their very first goal changed things a tiny bit. I think my gamers paid the price for a week that is very, very tough to a tiny bit.
“It was a week in which they came back from their national groups, some of these from difficult matches, some of them from travellinginto a change of supervisor, and a new man arrives. New training sessions, ideas that are fresh.
“The psychological thing that encircles that, I don’t think ever is easy for a soccer player. They work with a coaching team and the next day other men and women are not there. It is difficult to procedure”
Alli over played his part making Heung-Min Son’s opening goal using a assist while lying on the floor on the touchline, also played a part too.
It left Mourinho, who said he had talked to Alli to try and improve his assurance, waxing lyrical about the midfielder.
He explained:”I think Dele was similar to the group. Excellent for 60 to 65 minutes after which he paid the price of the fatigue so he went down a bit. But I think he was the older Dele Alli. The Dele Alli of a couple of years not just the entire world although England.
“He did exactly what I needed him to do. In just two days of data, some activity and work. I attempted to make it clear for him exactly the spaces in which we needed him to perform with, offensively and defensively. Soccer player to comprehend what we wanted and vital for the group. Quite delighted with his performance.”

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