Jose Mourinho reveals plan to get the best from Tottenham’s Dele Alli

Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho has started his master-plan to receive the best out of Dele Alli, revealing talks where he asked him:”Are you currently Dele or even Dele’s brother?”
Alli, whose form has picked up lately after accidents contributed to a below-par displays within the previous 18 months, responded to Mourinho:”I’m Dele”.
And, once replacing the sacked Mauricio Pochettino this week, the newest Spurs head coach said:”Alright, so play like Dele.”
Mourinho considers that the 23-year-old wants to make an environment that can help him reach it and has the capability to be a player.
“I already spoke with himpersonally,” Mourinho said. “I believe he’s potentially a fantastic player. I have to try and make a situation he is happy with.
“I must give him the right lively, prepare him physically well – because he had major injuries too and he is not on the top of his form.
“On Saturday, when he plays, I can’t expect him to move there and become man of the match. However (we’ve got ) to go through a procedure which could bring the real Dele back since the actual Dele is the one that has impressed us previously.”
Mourinho has said he’s planning to struggle during his time at the club for every trophy and he thinks titles are what Harry Kane needs to realise his stature.
“He is among the greatest strikers in the world no doubt,” stated the 56-year-old. “I think he just needs his group with him, England or Tottenham. He need his crew to proceed with him to the next level, which is titles.
“I think he wants to win, together with us and England. He also wants to bring something to underline the quality he’s, the goals he scores.”
Kane is likely to continue the captaincy at the lack of Hugo Lloris as Spurs traveling to West Ham for the debut as Tottenham head coach of Jose Mourinho this Saturday lunchtime.

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