Jose Mourinho showing his Tottenham players ‘the love’

It’s two wins from two games such as Jose Mourinho as Tottenham head coach. Tuesday night’s Champions League success against Olympiakos followed the win on Saturday at West Ham.
Nothing particularly unusual in that – apart from the fact that they were the initial back-to-back wins of the year of Tottenham.
Couple those results with first-hand feedback and there signs of bounce at the club.
There was an obvious spring in everyone’s thing across the country of the art training complex on Thursday throughout the snoods that you could make out smiles to the players’ faces.
It started with the team huddle. The entire squad in a circle.
Subsequently the players split into three classes: Those who started on the remainder, that the goalkeepers and Tuesday night against Olympiakos.
The’rest’ comprised Christian Eriksen, who came on in the end of their first half for Eric Dier and helped turn things round.
It was a change Mourinho knew he needed to make. He understood it but regretted it, and apologised into Dier later.
This is a new rebooted Jose. Showing his players public love. Private love too. Both Eriksen and Dier looked content.
This Mourinho is having humor and encouragement to enhance performances and results, not elevated anger and listeners.
Every player seems to believe they’re included in his aims and it revealed. Jose divide his time between the classes. First watching and becoming involved with the’starters’ crossing the pitch to interact with the’remainder’.
He ventured to a far corner of this complex to see and help out with the’keepers.
Reports from inside the camp imply the sessions of Jose have been, at least for now, less intense than Mauricio Pochettino’s were.
A whole lot of emphasis is being put on recovery. The’starters’ doing different work to others.
There time off too. Where the matches are now coming thick and fast off the back of global commitments much ventilated during a stage.
Harry Kane is happy. He’s been known as one of the best strikers in the world by Mourinho.
Dele Alli is joyful. He is no more playing his brother.
Lucas Moura is joyful. He’s back in his favoured position (broad ) and a significant part of all Mourinho’s plans. Mourinho is a buff, he tried to sign him throughout his time at Real Madrid.
We were ushered out when the 3 teams came together to go through set-ups and strategies before Bournemouth.
Before return to work to get ready for the major one, on Sunday, it will probably be a day off. Jose’s return to Manchester United on Wednesday night.
Mourinho. Part of a happy ring . Who would have believed it?

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