Jose Mourinho: Tottenham boss unfazed by Arsenal interest before Unai Emery sacking

Jose Mourinho says he wouldn’t swap his job at Tottenham with”some club in the world” once it had been disclosed Arsenal showed a fascination with him before sacking Unai Emery.
Sky Sports News understands certain senior figures at Arsenal desired until he succeeded Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham Emery to be replaced by Mourinho.
Following Arsenal’s worst run of results as 1992, the club sacked Emery on Friday, nine days after Mourinho was validated as the new boss of their North London rivals.
Asked if he would have been interested in the role at the Emirates fourteen days before, Mourinho said:”There is no point to tell you. It didn’t happen, has happened today. I am so happy here that I couldn’t even think of visiting another place about the prospect.
“You could put in front of me some club in the world and I would not go.”
Mourinho, who has experienced being chased at Chelsea and Manchester United, voiced his sympathy but will be convinced that the Spaniard will return ahead.
“It is always sad news,” he explained. “I sensed it as a child when my father was sacked as a manager, I have felt it myself.
“There is not one single boss sacking that I am pleased with.
“I’m sad for it but that’s life. Unai is a fantastic coach, not really so happy at Arsenal obviously.
“With just a little bit of a rest, another large club will come for his or her career will be back on track so:’No dramas mi amigo, keep moving and you will find another team’.
“I really don’t know the feelings or when Unai was pleased to leave. I just can say that I’m always frustrated when a manager goes, even when I had been without a job and I needed someone to depart for me to find a job.”
Eddie Howe, that takes his Bournemouth side is one of the top 10 contenders to replace Emery at Arsenal.
Mourinho was filled with praise for his counterpart on Friday and says the Cherries boss needs to one day”go into battle”.
“Plenty of folks, including myself, thought [Bournemouth] would struggle to stay in the division,” Mourinho said.
“Eddie, today, isn’t only a supervisor that occasionally coaches at the Premier League. He’s a Premier League supervisor by his own right.
“With all respect to Bournemouth, and it can be a Premier League club in its own right, I think one day Eddie has to go into conflict.”

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