Jose Mourinho: Tottenham need time to adapt to new head coach, says Giovani Lo Celso

Tottenham midfielder Giovani Lo Celso believes it’s going to take some time to accommodate new head coach Jose Mourinho’s approaches, but admits it has been a positive beginning for the Portuguese boss.
Two wins such as a 4-2 comeback victory over Olympiakos to reach the Champions League final 16, out of his first two matches in charge, have left Tottenham fans singing the praises of Mourinho.
The former Chelsea and Manchester United director has assured that the Spurs faithful”passion” and has brought in an intriguing young coaching team, such as 30-year-old helper Joao Sacremento in Lille.
Regardless of his instant influence in north London, Lo Celso told Sky Sports News:”We know that it takes some time when you’ve got a new coaching staff, a new head coach.
“It takes time for the staff to take on board all the new ideas – we all know they bring with them new ways of working, new techniques, new ideas.
“The principal issue is this period began with a victory initially and that provides assurance, not just to the gamers, but also into the training team and supervisor as well.
“I think that it takes some time to actually take on board the brand new suggestions and tactics, but I believe we have begun well and that’s a positive.”
Fellow Argentina Juan Foyth agrees Mourinho will look to execute his values as time passes, and admits his arrival has awarded the Spurs players the boost they want.
Foyth stated:”After he arrived, he said we have to move slow. We must not alter everything fast. We have to receive his thought slow and I think to me and also to all the players watch us happy and he tried to give us confidence.
“In the very first day he came he started to talk with the players with the group, and I believe that really will help.”
Lo Celso was an unused substitute for both of the matches of Mourinho accountable and fought upon his arrival with consecutive hip injuries in Tottenham.
When asked if he believes he could break in the team and become a regular starter under Mourinho, he replied:”It’s all about trying to do the very best for the group. It’s the manager’s decision at the day’s conclusion, we players that are specialist.
“I am here first and foremost to grow and improve as a participant and a person and give 100 per cent on the coaching area and on the pitch. Following that, it’s down to the manager to pick.”
Manager Mauricio Pochettino gathered a determined by Spurs players from his native Argentina such as Lo Celso and Foyth, combined with Paulo Gazzaniga and Erik Lamela.
Foyth is thankful for the beliefs in him of Pochettino but acknowledges the team have to kick on under new management.
He explained:”We are very thankful to Mauricio and his staff.
“For mepersonally, they have been two great seasons but now we have changed the supervisor and we have to alter the idea as well slowly – they know how to work and we’re confident in our staff and their staff.
“When you change the manager, the air changes somewhat and with the two wins everything is easier, so I hope we can continue in precisely the exact same way.
“If you win which gives you confidence and makes it easier to work in the week. I am hoping we can win the next game and work in the exact same way.”
Mourinho has 20 trophies for his name also will be seeking to guide Spurs for their first silverware since the League Cup victory in 2008.
Lo Celso combined Tottenham on loan after their conduct to the Champions League last season and believes the club’ve got to target high despite their disappointing start.
The 23-year-old said:”We know that a club with the prestige of Tottenham Hotspur must aim high, has to aspire to great things. We know that in the league we’ve got to finish as large as we possibly can.
“It has been a significant thing for us, qualifying for its last 16 of the Champions League, so that is a real boost for us. What we’re hoping now would be to place a couple of wins together and when we could get on a streak that is winning, that will be great.
“We have got an extremely busy period coming up, with all the festive programme, which we all know is going to be demanding and complex. We are very positive and up for this, although there are some difficult games at that period of time.
“It is a great stadium, most likely among the best training facilities to be found anywhere on the planet and we have got supporters who back the group and cheer your team on at all times – that is all that you want at a large club to succeed.
“Our aim has got to be to keep advancing and we understand that with being a footballer and representing Tottenham comes with great responsibility. It’s through work that we can continue to improve. Aspirations for a club such as this are consistently significant.”

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