Jose Mourinho’s in-game management helped Tottenham beat Olympiakos

There was one point above all others he wished to make clear when Jose Mourinho strode into the press conference later Tottenham came from behind to win 4-2 against Olympiakos in his very first home game in charge. The moment of the match for him hadn’t been seeing his side go two goals down, it was his substitution.
With Spurs and past the mark at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to tick using the clock, in order to introduce an additional creative midfielder from Christian 42, Mourinho opted to forfeit holding midfielder Eric Dier. “I hurt the participant but that I hurt myself,” he insisted. “It was not easy for the participant but it was not easy for myself.”
Mourinho seems to have come to the realisation that a humble attitude will serve him well and has spoken about learning from his mistakes. He’s been at pains to point out that”this is not about me personally” but about the players. He found it difficult to stick to that mantra over a night after his management helped to produce the difference.
Only seconds after stressing that it’s the players who are the important ones, so he added:”It had been one of the matches where I needed to play, you understand? You understand some games you perform before the match in the way the team is prepared by that you. You work, you train, you prepare and then the game starts and your action during the match isn’t really, very important.”
“In other games, you have to play and I needed to play”
He had been right, obviously.
Other supervisors could have waited to make the change. He was proactive, wasting no time in attempting to find a way back into the game. The payoff came just before the period when a target was gifted by Yassine Meriah’s error to Dele Alli along with the momentum changed.
“It was about what the team needs,” he explained. “I believed that in this moment, one positional midfield player was enough. I think I had at the time a player that is second. A participant who could play Alli in that Zone, an open triangle since I used to like to call this, rather than having a closed triangle such as we had been having Dier along with Harry Winks.”
There was unusually clever regarding the shift apart from the fact he was ready to make it and make it.
It was bold although it had been clear.
Mauricio Pochettino direction was criticised. His conclusions weren’t always known although he was adored by supporters. Together with Mourinho, maybe it will be the opposite. There is little love so far, no chants of the name, however there’s that will be a welcome shift and an comprehension of his conclusions about the touchline.
“I feel the fans also knew that I made it for the team and in the end, the team has become the most important thing,” he further added. “Christian gave us what we had in that time.”
Eriksen’s deliveries into the box place the seal on the victory and turned into a near-constant menace with that point, also it was his free-kick that enabled Harry Kane to nod home his second of the evening. Serge Aurier’d come to the ending with a quick throw-in from the build-up to a strike along with the target for the next.
The effect of aurier far under Mourinho was a vindication of the deployment of him of their new manager in a role that is more advanced. He’s revelling in being given licence to push ahead up the moan, although the right-back hasn’t been an unqualified success since his arrival from Paris Saint-Germain, together with his job occasionally questioned.
And while the Ivorian was transformed, this was a day when a lot of these Tottenham players provided a crude reminder of some of the problems that have engulfed this club of late. Once more, Spurs conceded the first goal in front of their own fans. Once again, this appeared to have an ominous effect on the players’ confidence.
For Mourinho, there were times during that half when it should have felt like he was hit some kind of psychodrama being played out between players and supporters. Passes went astray time and again. Spurs were sloppy. Tentative. The teenager moved up from a crowd who have seen all a lot of the in their group in recent months.
All Mourinho would do was preach calm. He wasn’t around for that seven-goal embarrassment against Bayern Munich or the problems that this team has had to live at home against Aston Villa, Newcastle, Southampton and Watford already this year, but he is the man needing to pickup the pieces from that. It necessitated a hand at half time.
“I needed to be a tender version of myself. It was a small surprise for me personally but I felt that the gamers’ self-esteem, self-confidence, enjoying in the home with no best results, likely using the Bayern match behind their ideas, I believed that they were needing a love at that time rather than the crucial one. More the one to provide them more of an emotional balance.
“Then, we talked about a few tactical details, a couple of tactical position adjustments but I believe it was about their confidence to confront a difficult situation and to go for it.”
He added:”They weren’t at all a moment of fantastic self-esteem where you believe,’OK, 1-0, no problem, we maintain playing’. There was a bit of a feeling among the players.
“But the way they responded to the next half, they all came from behind, to go with all of knowing that a draw would provide us qualification, because Bayern were winning, so we all knew that. So that the draw wouldn’t have been a play since we would qualify.
“But not to accept the draw, to go to get more, opt for the victory, proceed in pursuit of not only the qualification, but in quest of happiness and self-esteem and confidence, we did that.”
The players may have gone for it but the truth was that Mourinho was switched on. With half an hour left and the scores level, he swapped Lucas Moura to get Moussa Sissoko.
Having surrendered two in each of the first two matches, it’d be erroneous to call this vintage Mourinho. But it. And his effects with this one should increase the certainty that Tottenham can and will improve under his management.
“The next game in the home I expect that the boys to start without ghosts, to start immediately open and convinced to play since the players are extremely, very good players.”
It is all about them. Almost about them.
“I think it was my success 80 at the Champions League,” Mourinho reasoned. “So let us hope for success 81.”

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