Josh Shaw: Arizona Cardinals defensive back banned 15 months for betting on games

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Arizona Cardinals security Josh Shaw was suspended before the end of the 2020 year .
Shaw, who has been on injured reserve will not be qualified to apply for reinstatement before February 2021.
The team investigated the betting action of the 27-year-old but their stunt failed to find evidence any game was compromised or suggesting his usage of any info.
The analysis also found no signs his team-mates, coaches or players were aware of his or her betting.
Included in the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, Shaw includes three days.
Shaw played in all bar one of their 48 regular season games in his three years and has been a fourth-round pick of the Cincinnati Bengals in 2015.
He played a year between the Kansas City Chiefs along with Tampa Bay Buccaneers before failed to make it as far and being discharged after injuring his knee at a pre-season battle with the Los Angeles Chargers.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said:”The continuing success of this NFL depends directly on each of us doing what essential to protect the integrity of the sport as well as also the reputations of those who participate in the league.
“At the heart of this responsibility is the longstanding principle which gambling on NFL games, or some part of a game, puts at risk the integrity of this game, harms public confidence in the NFL, and is prohibited under all conditions.
“If you operate from the NFL in any way you might not gamble on NFL football.”

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