Jurgen Klopp: It’s never easy at Liverpool, we hadn’t planned for holiday in Salzburg

Jurgen Klopp admits it is not easy in Liverpool and says after their Champions League progress has been stopped, he had not planned to visit Red Bull Salzburg having a side.
The draw with Napoli on Wednesday night means a result is needed by Liverpool and means a number of his star players can’t rest amid a period of fixtures.
But Klopp said he never expected to get it enough to have the luxury of visiting Salzburg not desiring anything.
“I never planned it for it,” Klopp said following the match. “Why can we aim for Salzburg once we own Napoli?
“Come on, I’m four decades in, let me when it was easy. We needed to triumph at home 1-0 against Napoli last year, I cannot recall a pressure game that is bigger than this. It was very difficult and we did this, so now we have to go to Salzburg.
“In this instant, the match is finished, so my issue is Fabinho is injured and Brighton [is adjacent ] – maybe not Salzburg, not at all.
“However, I understand exactly how human beings arepeople wished we can complete the team tonight and create kind of a holiday game in Salzburg. Never occurred, will never happen.
“So, that is the situation. We have to show that in Salzburg if we have ambitions in the Champions League – and before then, we have to reveal our ambitions. There are a couple games to play then and we have to get focused on them – and we’ll be, no doubt.”
Klopp, who has a bad record against Napoli in management, added that approach altered to Anfield.
“Clearly I struggle when I play with Napoli, sorry for this! It is about how great they are, that is how it really is.
“Napoli were anyway put up mainly for a suitable fight; individuals sees Napoli playing generally, it was a different approach tonight. It was clear going for a result, scoring a goal and defending with all you’ve got.”
Klopp faces an anxious wait to find the level of the injury suffered by his own midfielder Fabinho that is crucial from the first half, however it is a game for the manager.
“The greatest thing is that the Fabinho injury, that’s massive,” said Klopp. “It is early and we all hope it is not too serious but it’s pretty painful and within an area you do not want pain, around the ankle”
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“I thought they were simply bad, the decision the pass was so slow, and they simply didn’t go the Napoli defence about.
“After Napoli had that contribute to ramble upon, they were settled. This was not a great Napoli side, that’s the thing. If they had got into gear, they should have crushed them.
“It just wasn’t to be tonight, it simply wasn’t Liverpool. I was a little bit disappointed with the attitude, they didn’t nail and go it early .”
Liverpool host also their final group game in Red Bull Salzburg on December 10, and also Brighton at the Premier League on Saturday at 3pm.
The draw for the last 16 of the Champions League happens on Monday December 16 at Nyon, together with proceedings set to begin at 11am, UK period.

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