Jurgen Klopp savours Liverpool’s ‘special’ win over Brighton as 10-man Reds go 11 points clear

Jurgen Klopp commended the character of his 10-man Liverpool side after they held on to claim a”unique” 2-1 triumph over Brighton which place them 11 points clear on peak of the Premier League table.
Liverpool went into the final 15 minutes of this game two goals up thanks to a set of first-half headers out of Virgil van Dijk, but Alisson Becker was then shown a red card when he handled outside of his box, with Lewis Dunk taking the subsequent free-kick fast to conquer substitute goalkeeper Adrian.
Brighton piled the pressure twice forcing rescue but Liverpool survived the late onslaught to claim that a club 14th successive Premier League home triumph and capitalise with Newcastle earlier in the afternoon.
“The second half was hard work again but the boys set in a different extraordinary shift,” said Klopp within his post-match press conference.
“Of course, life became more complex with all the red card and the change we needed to make.
“We brought on a frozen goalkeeper, rather much. Everybody sitting here is probably not really warm and then you imagine you go on in shorts, a thin shirt and some gloves that are not created for keeping you warm, and some folks today let the free-kick occur.
“You seem a little bit silly in that instant, but that’s what you need to accept. We kept on fighting and Adrian, particularly, helped us a great deal with two actually, really good saves and spans he caught… although together along using his cold feet he clearly couldn’t [kick] the ball as far as he wanted.
“This kept it a bit interesting, but in the end it is only important that we won the game and that is exactly what we did, and I’m very happy about that.
“I am very, very pleased with the effort that the boys put in again. I’m really happy and proud of the desire the boys revealed. The red card left it a very special win, to be honest.”
Liverpool are now 31 unbeaten, equalling another team record in addition to winning 14 home Premier League games, however, Klopp insisted they aren’t getting carried away with their lead or their outstanding shape near the peak of the table.
“Results-wise, it is an incredible period, for sure,” he explained. “However, we don’t wish to think about the last 14 games. We’re concerned so that’s a major one.
“We have to make sure we are prepared for this since that may be another significant battle, whatever outcome Everton get tomorrow (Sunday).
“We do not think about the points gap or anything. Leicester play so it is still, although Folks are speaking tonight about us being 11 points ahead not that I don’t believe Everton can win there.
“We do not need to consider these kind of things. We only need to be sure we are ready always for another game.”
Liverpool currently host Everton at the Merseyside derby on Wednesday night at 8.15pm, prior to going to Bournemouth on Saturday at 3pm. Brighton reaches Arsenal on Thursday at 8.15pm, and then host Wolves at 4.30pm on Super Sunday, live on Sky Sports Premier League.

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