Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool will continue to support Hillsborough families ‘100 per cent’

Jurgen Klopp states Liverpool will still continue to encourage families of those victims of the Hillsborough tragedy following the”disappointment” and”frustration” of David Duckenfield’s trial.
On Thursday, Hillsborough match commander Duckenfield was found not guilty.
Chair of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, Margaret Aspinall, whose 18-year-old son James died in the tragedy, described the verdict as a”absolute disgrace” and Klopp states he feels sympathy for the families of their victims.
“Our thoughts and our love is all with all the households. We’re there for them because I can imagine it’s a significant disappointment and big frustration,” said Klopp.
“Sadness, of course, this resembles the last verdict.
“Four years in, I know absolutely. I’ve met, not just Margaret [Aspinall], but Margaret than other individuals.
“I admire how much that they fought and the length of time they struggled and it reveals how much it really means and intended to them.
“There are far better people in the club to send the right messages about this but we’re there for them 100 per cent.”
Aspinall explained the outcome of the road as a”disgrace to the nation” during a media conference on Thursday.
“How do 96 be retrieved murdered and no one be liable? Please give us the answer who unlawfully killed my son and 95 other people,” she explained.
“What we’ve got to attempt to do is alter a system in this nation that’s so wrong.
“Because if this can happen to 96, what could occur to people that are fighting on their own? They will have no chance, if that’s happened to us. Things will need to change.”

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