Karen Carney column: Why Mesut Ozil will stay at Arsenal longer than Unai Emery

Former Arsenal, Chelsea and England midfielder Karen Carney, who retired after helping the Lionesses hit the World Cup semi-finals the summertime, is writing columns for the Sport site, focusing on Radio 5 Live and comprising this season.
I think Mesut Ozil will stay at Arsenal.
Both of the contracts finish in the summer of 2021 however it is the supervisor who is fighting most. And why Ozil hasn’t been playing teams that play a minimal block (sit deep) is baffling, especially with the cash he’s on – he’s the highest-paid player in the club’s history on about #350,000 per week, and it has made only three Premier League begins this season. He is wasted on the seat.
And no matter what he makes, Ozil has shown he can be one of the most important players of Arsenal.
Former boss Arsene Wenger seemed to get the most out of him. You noticed that at what Ozil contributed, particularly in 2016-17 if he scored 25 goals in all competitions. Wenger seemed to trust him believed in him. You do not get that vibe with Emery. For whatever reason, he doesn’t appear to like him.
Emery’s doctrine appears to be’should you train and perform well, you will get minutes’. This might be a element in Ozil’s lack of game time plus Emery does have to follow his principles. I am not saying Ozil retains back in training, but a few players are special and stone up at the weekend, they appear to go during this week and pull it out of the bag.
He has been around long enough, so making 236 appearances for the club, so he understands what he wants to do.
I really don’t think Ozil has been utilized in the perfect manner at Arsenal.
He can be Marmite – a super, super talent who will frustrate you. Arsenal fans know that and they know his own vulnerabilities. Folks underestimate the job rate and confidence to always wish to be accountable for the ball, although he is not a player who will seem to put his body on the line.
Due to how fast the game moves, using game intelligence and standing can at times be mistaken for laziness. He’s a player that’s needed in some specific games and circumstances that are particular.
Nobody could start a defence up, how he can can not be passed by anybody , nobody has the patience and the composure he brings when he performs.
Most importantly, he has got end merchandise. A lot of players get into positions that are good but they lack finish merchandise. Ozil’s advantage is that he knows where the gamers are going to be, understands where to place the ball when everyone else is running about 34, and he has got that calmness.
He looks like he plays with the game in slow motion but that he isn’t. He makes things look very straightforward.
In case Ozil does come back in the side, then something might have to change. Nobody is disciplined enough in Arsenal to perform the work to let himself to be expressed by Ozil.
The issue with the midfield of Arsenal is that they all want to go and they want to attack. That’s been the Arsenal way and it is their Achilles heel. Ozil requires two individuals sitting – gamers that are going to perform the graft and the work.
Emery has a good attacking line-up, but the rest is not there. The four must be permitted to do their bit and everybody defends and plays it simple. The players will need to be dependable, consistent and have structure. The attackers need to be totally free – and that contains Ozil. Don’t place on him.
You need to accept this as a manager, or you and he do not play with in certain matches. But in which Arsenal have had a whole great deal of the ball, it’s odd he has not played games and you would expect him to get much more impact. I don’t know what the motives are.
Leave the defence very vulnerable and Individuals like Ozil have been made to feel as scapegoats because the strike. They have to guard the back four, that are not good enough.
It is down to the boss to discipline them and teach them how to do it. Paul Pogba is an example at Manchester United – since he’s Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante behind him he is so different playing France.
Work for them and you want to be motivated by the manager. You want them to find the most. Nobody would like to work with or don’t believe in their doctrine.
That is why it’s important you are at a bar having a manager who is currently going in precisely exactly the same direction as you.
As a supervisor, you know what the gamers’ weaknesses and strengths are. Ozil plays differently and I think that he has a time – .
Emery has granted him a chance today and he wants to take it folks would say’wow, now I see why they did not play with him’. It is down to Ozil.
Karen Carney was speaking to the Emma Sanders of Sport.

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