Katherine Brunt ready for England Women’s T20 World Cup opener against South Africa

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Katherine Brunt says she feels”like a teenager” as she Moans for England’s opening game of the Women’s T20 World Cup against South Africa on Sunday.

There was A 23-year-old Brunt England’s match-winner – taking 3-6 in four overs – since they beat New Zealand in the 2009 final to claim the inaugural T20 World Cup.
England have finished with the today 34-year-old compelled to miss their last appearance back due to injury since, as runners-up on three events in the five tournaments.
Brunt, talking ahead of England’s opening game against South Africa in Perth – live on Sky Sports Cricket from 10.30am on Sunday – says, at once, she did not believe she would ever return to this level again.
“It is funny, is not it,” said Brunt. “In 34 years old, you’re not likely to feel great. I’ve had my ups and downs, and obviously that [2018 ] was a real low point in my career.
“At one stage, I did not think there would be a comeback from that, but the body is a funny thing right now I feel as a teen, running in, playing with every match, working hard in the nets, not needing to break.
“Touch wood, things have been really great for me and hopefully I can stay with this atmosphere during the championship.
“It is exciting for me. We are excited about getting going today and starting the championship with a win.”
While awaiting their first match on Sunday, England were in a position to see the air build as the championship got under way – holders and the hosts falling to India into a surprise defeat .
Brunt has been impressed with the coverage the competition believes Cricket Australia aim of a record-breaking, sell-out final in the 90,000 capability MCG and has got – where Katy Perry has been set to perform – seems a real possibility.
“You can’t get away from it [the tournament],” said Brunt. “You walk down the road and they have obtained these painted murals advertisements it. Watching TV in your time, it’s another ad.
“You cannot escape it, which is obviously excellent. The fact we have got somebody such as Katy Perry opening and closing the day on the final – something each group wishes to be a part of that’s unheard of.
“What Cricket Australia have achieved to promote this championship was fantastic. I can only envision that 90,000 target being reached by them now.
“Before, we all thought, how can that happen? But now it is becoming quite apparent that it actually can. It’s very exciting!
“That’s the purpose, to reach the final. You can not ignore it, due to the hype surrounding what will happen on such a day, however, you can’t think about it too much – it needs to be somewhere at the back of mind.”
Brunt’s aim is to reach the final, while the fresh coach of the England Women’s team has stated she’s targeting a run into the semi-finals as a minimal objective.
Brunt says that the new coach has settled in brilliantly, including:”Lisa was outstanding in her transition. It’s been absolutely seamless.
“Everyone has connected with her, as we believed we would. No pressure from Lisa whatsoever has been relaxed -.
“She is really keen for you to play your own game, play openly and everyone has taken to this well.”
Watch England’s opening match of the Women’s T20 World Cup against South Africa, live on Sky Sports Cricket from 10.30am on Sunday.

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