Katherine Brunt upbeat on England T20 World Cup final chances despite South Africa defeat

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Katherine Brunt remains optimistic on the Women’s T20 World Cup can be reached by England .
South Africa won by two wickets with just two balls to spare in a thrilling encounter at the WACA.
That leaves England having to defeat World Cup newbies Thailand on Wednesday at Canberra – live on Sky Sports – in order to receive their tournament back on track.
“It seems huge, certainly. I would say this is the biggest tournament I’ve ever been a part of, that definitely feels that way leading up to what is to come,” Brunt told Sky Sports News.
“Hopefully we do make it to [the closing ] Melbourne, that’s the end goal.
“Even if we do not, it has been a fantastic event to become a part of. Merely watching TV in your downtime, you can not miss it, it’s right in your face.
“Hopefully it will be a large victory, [they] sell the MCG, and hopefully we’re there.”
If they are to reach the closing changes need to be made according to Sky Sports pundit Lydia Greenway.
Tammy Beaumont has slipped at the top of the order over the past couple of years but has been fallen down to No 6 or 7.
“There are critical moments in the game which will need to get finished employing those six, eight and seven functions but I think with Tammy Beaumont more so than Lauren Winfield, my sense is that she’s potentially being squandered,” Greenway told Sky Sports.
“She either has to be opening, which she’s not going to do since Amy Jones and Danni Wyatt have shot those stains, so, for me, No 3 is your place for Tammy Beaumont. You have Heather Knight and Nat Sciver.
“They’re the players at the ideal form but also the top players of spin and we understand that at the women’s match, spin bowling is a must. We saw India that that was Australia’s downfall because they could not figure out how to play with Poonam Yadav effectively.
“Tammy Beaumont has to be facing more balls, statistically players coming in at seven, nine or eight will probably be facing seven balls as a max to have her coming in that minimal down is a wasted position for me.”
Former England men’s priest and fellow Sky Sports pundit Nasser Hussain agrees there’s confusion over England’s batting line-up.
“I am a bit unsure about England’s tactics, to tell the truth, and I do not know the batting line-up,” Hussain said throughout the innings break in Perth on Sunday.
“Beaumont ended at No 7 and Lauren Winfield free of 8. It’s a well-known fact in T20 cricket which your No 7 bats six deliveries so you might as well have bowlers down there.”
Watch England’s next game in the T20 World Cup, against debutants Thailand, live on Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Mix and Sky Sports Main Event from 3.30am on Wednesday.

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