Kick It Out chair Sanjay Bhandari says education key to tackling racism

Kick It Out chair Sanjay Bhandari considers life threatening for football fans who are guilty of racist abuse conduct the danger of entrenching viewpoints that are discriminatory.
This season is a spike in the number of reported racist incidents throughout the game and Bhandari believes so as to attack the matter in football, education may be more powerful than issuing bans.
“My own feeling is that it’s much better to have a range of possible punishments,” he told Sky Sports News.
“This is largely because in the event that you have quite strict draconian punishments for offences you risk creating martyrs.
“You also risk entrenching the beliefs of the individuals and so it is better in my view to get some flexibility especially to educate and possibly provide instruction.”
Partial stadium closures in football have also been mooted as a sanction in the fight against discrimination.
But Show Racism the Red Card chief executive Ged Grebby doesn’t need to see genuine supporters miss out on the chance to view their team perform.
“It is not something Show Racism the Red Card might want,” he told Sky Sports News.
“These are individual lovers – and that we need action against these individual lovers – but we also need instruction within society.
“We don’t need to see scene closures within this nation. We think in the moment our country’s done more than just about combat racism in football, but it needs to step up the fight now.”
Greater Manchester Police have detained a guy on suspicion of a public order following Saturday’s Manchester derby.
The Premier League have published a statement reiterating their commitment to eradicating racism.
“The Premier League and our teams won’t tolerate discrimination in any kind,” they said.
“If people are found to possess abused Premier League players they deserve to be punished and we’ll support any actions taken by the government as well as the nightclubs.
“We appreciate the millions of fans who help create a positive Premier League matchday setting and also have made it very clear that racist behavior or speech is unacceptable.
“No Room For Racism initiative is encouraged by all 20 clubs, their own players, managers and fans.
“If anybody witnesses stereotypical behaviour in a match or round a stadium, they can report it to a steward or the police, in addition to through the Kick It Out reporting program.
“Everyone is welcome in Premier League games. Racism is not.”

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