Lewis Hamilton on how he is trying to be ‘the best person I can’

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Lewis Hamilton says he’s planning to have a similar”positive impact” into his hero Ayrton Senna, since he spoke about how he wants to inspire the younger generation.
Having a joint 23.5m followers on social networking, Hamilton is among the world’s most-known and favorite sportspeople.
Along with the six-time world winner says he wishes to put that standing.
“I’m trying to have a favorable impact,” Hamilton was quoted as saying by PA Media in an event in Monaco.
“I looked at Ayrton Senna. He had been a superstar in the sky and I wish to get up there.
“It is important to find people like that and that’s precisely what I am attempting to be.
“If you take a look at young children they are pure spirits. Have negativity in our hearts or we are not born to hate.
“That is something we hear over time. All those difficulties they have happening, and also it is passed to us by our parents, and that you socialize with.
“It’s obviously so important to remain true to your core values, and I am quite fortunate I have this amazing platform, I never believed I’d have. I am attempting to be the very best man I could.”
Having become the second person ever to win at least six planet drivers’ titles, Hamilton is one more year away from linking Michael Schumacher because the very successful F1 driver of all time.
The 34-year-old is in line to reevaluate Schumacher’s record for the most race wins in 2020.
However while Hamilton says”racing has given my life goal” and that he would not alter the sacrifices he has made to reach the tophe says he won’t ever enable the sport to completely eat his life.
“There are the drivers and athletes that train all day, daily, a lot of, they’re too focused, they’re too extreme,” explained Hamilton.
“I read this book, The Alchemist, and also I liked the story. There’s this kid who meets the King. The King says’I don’t have time to get you but choose this spoon. I’d like you enjoy it to go around to my property, and return to me later. But do not drop any of these oil’.
“Hence, the child goes around focusing on ensuring he does not lose any of their acrylic, and when he comes back, the King asks him:’Can you see sculptures that are great? Can you see my paintings that are great?’ And the child says he did not because he was concentrated on the spoon.
“That spoke a lot to me personally. You can concentrate so much on your career, and performing the ideal job, which you miss the planet and your whole life can go by.”
The last race of this 2019 season takes place in Abu Dhabi on December 1, and will be exclusively live on Sky Sports F1.

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