Leyton Orient manager Ross Embleton accuses Mark Cooper of making ‘unacceptable’ comment about Justin Edinburgh

Leyton Orient interim manager Ross Embleton has accused Forest Green Rovers counterpart Mark Cooper of making an”improper” comment associated with Justin Edinburgh through a touchline debate.
After throwing his chewing gum in Cooper embleton was sent to Rovers in the first half of his side’s 4-2 defeat into the stands. He asserts he was called an”impostor” and asked”who do you believe you’re, Justin Edinburgh?” During a row.
Forest Green released a statement denying the accusation.
Edinburgh, that led Leyton Orient to marketing from the National League, died aged 49 after suffering a cardiac arrest.
“I got told that I was an imposter in conditions of being in and around the environment I’m in,” Embleton informed the club Twitter page. “But it is great because I have spent most of my entire life becoming an imposter. I have a football career or used ton’t play soccer and I have worked really difficult to convince myself where I am and where I’ve been in my training career.
“it is a thing that’s been thrown in my fairly frequently, which does not affect me anymore as I quite enjoy it, it is my thing. A lot of folks don’t understand who I’m and do not understand my name. So, I can accept this little bit.
“But to follow that up with’who do you really believe that you are, Justin Edinburgh?’ Is something I will never accept.
“I have to apologise to everybody connected to the club – that the fans, the players – to getting shipped off because it obviously has an impact on the team and it shows a lack of discipline which I would never want my players to show.”
He added:”But at the identical time, if there’s anyone around who ever wants to attempt to get me sent off again, use that phrase. That is unacceptable. I knew at the manner in which he approaches individuals and now’s shown me what he’s about and times of Mark Cooper’s behavior.
“I have sent off to throwing my chewing gum at him and ultimately that is what I deserve. It was that or do something far more competitive that would have been more naive than I’m going to and I would spend time at the racks.
“It had been the very best way for me to take care of it right at that instant in time. My blood is still boiling.”
Forest Green chairman Dale Vince tweeted a statement which said:”Mark warrants saying this or anything like it, ” he and Justin were close friends.
“The referee and the fourth have confirmed this evening that they heard nothing said and the truth is that Leyton’s supervisor was sent off for throwing something in our bench after the very first goal was scored.
“Their manager has to look at himself for the reason behind his behaviour.”
A Forest Green statement added:”Forest Green Rovers have been conscious of the serious allegations made on social media and at the post-match interviews seeing comments reported to be made by our manager during today’s game.
“The team firmly denies these offenses and will cooperate fully with Leyton Orient in any investigation that may arrive in the wake of the game.
“Justin was an intimate friend of the manager and deserves the utmost respect.”
Cooper had played down the incident.
“There was nothing in it ,” he said directly after the game.
“There’d been a small bit of verbal towards Ebou Adams in the specialized area and when he scored, I reacted by observing, I clenched my fist and said’Get in there’. From that point, something was thrown and that has been it”

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