Liverpool a class apart this term, says Man City boss Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola is happy with Manchester City’s general performance this season but says name rivals Liverpool have simply been”phenomenal”.
City trail leaders Liverpool by 16 points along with director Guardiola has long since conceded defeat in the race for the title of this season.
Nevertheless City are still next and final year they became the first side to retain the Premier League title in a decade.
Guardiola admits Liverpool have been a course apart this term but is convinced his side will be in Europe in the running for the title in any of the other leagues.
“Liverpool obviously would be champions of the Premier League, however they’d be winners in Spain, winners in Italy, winners at Germany,” he said. “They’d be champions anywhere after 23 games, 22 victories, one draw.
“In the recent past when Chelsea won the team, another seasonthey didn’t qualify for the Champions League, Leicester exactly the same and Chelsea the exact same. We replicated the league when we won the league.
“In Spain together with the things we’ve we’d be there, one or two points behind the leader, in Germany we would be there, a couple of points behind the leader, in Italy as well.
“But Liverpool are just fantastic, phenomenal, overwhelming. So we have to accept it and learn from this.”

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