Liverpool deserve to win the Premier League, says goalkeeper Alisson

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson considers the club must win the Premier League that season.
The Reds are just eight points clear at the top of the table as they begin a six weeks of fixtures and are to get rid of a league match this year.
Having achieved Champions League victory in 2019, Alisson considers it is now time for the club.
Speaking to Neil Mellor on Soccer Saturday, the Brazil international said:”My aims are to acquire everything we play for. Every single time we go on the pitch to perform a league game a cup match or even a Champions League matches, we’ll provide everything to win.
“The need for the people is very important to us and we’ve got exactly the exact same need to win the Premier League this year. It is something because the people deserve it, we try with our whole heart to win, the team deserve it and we deserve it too because what we have completed this year up to now and of what we did last season.
“However, we must keep going, keep playing to win each game and keep improving, that is an important matter, but we’ll attempt to win all the tournaments we play.
“I think we are playing the way that’s required to win,” he added. “I believe we can enhance and this is a great sign since we are winning and we are not playing our best. A few things we know we could do such as the sheets although we are acting.
“From the defensive way, sometimes together with all the ball we could prepare for the scenarios, but our mindset is our strong point and we are winning the games because of our strong mentality.
“As an example, it’s a matter of maintaining the high amount for 90+ minutes. Sometimes in the game, in three or two moments, we simply unwind. We are working hard for the sheets and you have to take that, although it’s the caliber of the opponent.
“it is a target that we’ve about the pitch however, the most essential thing is the 3 points and we’re getting them. If we go until the conclusion conceding and winning, I will be happy. I am not worried about the Golden Glove, even when I won it, I said the most significant thing is the goal.
“If we concede silly objectives, part of me is angry because sometimes you know you can do , not only the staff, but I am talking for myself too. You’re a bit angry with this but we’re doing well in the overall outlook.”
Alisson needed a spell on the sidelines before this year after injuring his nose in the opening game but can see the joys of his period at the treatment area.
He explained:”For a player, it is always hard when you’re not engaged but in my life, I always like to see everything at a fantastic standpoint, even the challenging moments, in spite of an accident that’s the worst thing that can happen to an individual player.
“Sometimes you cannot control it. We strive to do our best with remedies, work in the gym and onto the pitch but sometimes it just happens. I can see the fantastic side, although At first, it had been difficult.
“Adrian would have the chance to reveal his potential, I could spend time with my loved ones and that I will prepare myself better for the time and have five or six weeks of proper pre-season so that this was significant for me too.
“I feel in great shape, even in a good way and I’m ready to play for the rest of the year and for five years without injuries.”
Outside of football, the Brazilian spends a lot of his spare time with his loved ones and says they are regularly serenaded by him with a song on his guitar.
“I am a man who would like to be mostly with my family, now with my daughter and my son,” Alisson added. “I always try to head out together as soon as the weather allows, we try to play outdoors. For my daughter, I built a playground In my house and when it’s raining, we try to bring her to an indoor park to test and have fun together as a household .
“I am a much better player but I’m great on this guitar. When I’m at home, I like to play guitar for my own wife, for my children. We also do some meetings to see the bible, to pray and I love to play a few gospel songs. I think that this is a good thing for me, my friends and loved ones.”
You can watch the complete Soccer Saturday interview with Neil Mellor and Alisson from 12pm on Sky Sports News and Sky Sports Premier League this weekend.
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