Liverpool did Brendan Rodgers a disservice, says John Barnes

John Barnes considers Brendan Rodgers was completed a”disservice” by Liverpool and would have achieved the exact same success as Jurgen Klopp given more time.
Rodgers came to directing the Reds into the Premier League title in 2014 but was sacked the year before rebuilding his reputation.
Under his successor Klopp, as they seek a national title in 30 decades, the Merseyside club won the Champions League last season and maintain an eight-point lead in the airport.
The Foxes side of former Liverpool midfielder Barnes believes Rodgers, whose, was treated at Anfield and paid a hefty price for losing supporters’ hope.
“Jurgen’s record wasn’t superior than Brendan’s to its first two years, but since we trusted him and we believed in him, we allowed him to manage,” said Barnes, speaking to The Offside Rule Exclusives.
“We let him to fall [Daniel] Sturridge and [Mamadou] Sakho. Brendan might have wanted to do the identical thing but he couldn’t because the fans did not trust him.
“You look at what a fantastic manager Brendan is currently, looking at Celtic, appearing at Leicester. We did him a disservice.
“I am glad that Jurgen is still here but had we supported Brendan more, I am very sure he could have done the identical thing”
Liverpool, who have reached consecutive Champions League finals finished next to Manchester City in the Premier League at the 2018-19 campaign.
Barnes, part of the past Liverpool aspect to win the title in 1990, thinks it is not possible for his former team to eclipse last season’s achievements , even if they’re crowned champions.
“We won the Champions League last season, finished second and we lost one match. We cannot improve on that,” said Barnes, who represented the club in 1987 to 1997.
“If we win the jackpot this year on 90 points, is that a much better year than completing second with 97 points?
“It is, in relation to us winning the team, but that might imply Manchester City underachieved and really did worse. So that’s why I say last year cannot be defeated.
“Obviously, I’ll be delighted to win the league on 90 points this season, but I will not state this is a much better year than last season, if we lose three games and win against the league on 90 points.”
Barnes, 56 claims Liverpool’s squad is belonging to struggling top-six rivals.
Spurs have sacked Mauricio Pochettino and replaced him this year, while United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Gunners boss Unai Emery are under pressure following starts.
“It is an exciting time because we have given Jurgen support. We trust him and we always have,” said Barnes.
“When you have that stability and togetherness, the lovers, the Liverpool family or football family, broadly , you can succeed.
“Liverpool haven’t got better gamers than just Manchester United or Arsenal or Tottenham. The things they have is more stability, more view, togetherness, and perception at the supervisor.”

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