Liverpool vs Napoli: Flag poles confiscated after reports of Napoli fans carrying golf clubs

Merseyside Police have obtained lots of flag poles after reports Napoli enthusiasts were walking brandishing golf clubs.
In which the two sides sought to secure a place in the knockout stages, supporters of the Serie A club have been urged to act by their club ahead of the Champions League trip to Anfield.
Liverpool supporters were attacked in Naples prior to the first fixture between the clubs, with two men injured in the run-up to Napoli’s 2-0 success.
Social networking has been rife with accounts of fans carrying golf clubs around the roads of central Liverpool on Wednesday afternoon.
But an announcement from Merseyside Police read:”There is a huge police presence in the city center and in the bottom to tonight’s Champions League game.
“If anyone sees any firearms, or violence, please talk to the officers that are on duty. Our aim is to ensure that everyone can enjoy a game of soccer in security.
“Merseyside Police is mindful of social networking articles saying Napoli fans are outfitted with golf clubs from town center.
“Trainers have reacted and confiscated a number of flags connected to flag sticks. No golf clubs are found.”
Merseyside Police also placed a Section 60 stop and search sequence for the Anfield and Everton areas following other police forces raised concerns regarding previous behaviour of Napoli supporters.

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