LTA and Tennis Scotland announce £12m funding agreement to grow tennis in Scotland

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The Tennis and LTA Scotland have declared a new and increased # 12m funding agreement for tennis Scotland to help grow the game and open up this to more people.
The Tennis and LTA Scotland are seeking to help grow the sport and open it up to individuals.
The new arrangement, which covers the entirety of the LTA’s investment in tennis in Scotland, builds on progress made in the past few years also represents a record investment, even with a considerable increase in funds to deliver and grow tennis in Scotland over and above spending dedicated to fresh indoor tennis facilities.
Speaking together with LTA chief executive Scott Lloyd at the University of Stirling Tennis Centre, Dodds explained:”It is a massive step forward for Scottish tennis and I am absolutely delighted that we’ve the very ideal agreement and deal that we’ve ever had in our history with the LTA.
“The investment capital for those facilities will be a game-changer.
“There will be many amenities around Scotland, we have a world-class performance academy here, that is a game-changer.”
Included in this arrangement, the LTA will finance Scotland’s operational delivery including a number of new jobs, as well as investing in a selection of activities that encourage more people to play with tennis as well as an international and national tournament calendar which will help to improve the year-round visibility of this game.
The funding provided also comprises investment in the LTA that is already.
Dodd stated:”I am quite challenging as is Scott for both Scottish and British tennis and would love to see additional development as we proceed forward but I think that it may be described as a game-changer.
“We now have the ambition and the unified approach with the LTA, we just now need the tools to deliver and that is exactly what this brings.”
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