Lucas Moura: Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho has put me back in best position

Lucas Moura says he’s thrilled to be used as a wide player by Jose Mourinho after being played at the No 9 position by Mauricio Pochettino.
Moura is among the beneficiaries of this Mourinho age with all the Portuguese revealing he tried to sign Moura when he was in charge of Real Madrid so much as he has started both matches.
The Brazilian produced a help in the 4-2 triumph over Olympiacos that sent Spurs through into the Champions League knockout stages and a real sense is that Mourinho could deliver the best out him.
“I’m glad that he likes me and he explained it, it’s very important to me to have this assurance in the trainer and I aspire to assist himhelp the team,” he said.
“I shall always give my best and I’m happy for the chance he has given me. I think everyone knows him. I don’t need to talk about him since he is a winner, a winner.
“He’s a great deal of trophies and I am certain that he has much to attract to us also to grow our team, our team.
“Every player wants to play, it doesn’t matter the situation. But everyone knows I’m no 9, it is not my best place.
“When Pochettino place me there I always gave my best for me that the most significant thing is the team but every coach has one view, a different thoughts.
“Now I feel very good in this position (as a wide player). I always played this position, I feel good and I am happy.”
Moura could have connected up with Mourinho when the 56-year-old desired to take the Brazilian out of Sao Paolo into the Bernabeu.
He is joyful their paths have crossed and will be optimistic for its future.
“Yeah it is true when I was at Sao Paulo I had a conversation with him, not me personally but my agent and buddy,” Moura revealed.
“In the previous moment PSG went and I made a decision to go to Paris.
“I have never worked with him. In the beginning it is very, very good although I’m understanding him now, everyone is happy, everybody is optimistic and step-by-step we’re understanding him and putting his philosophy.
“I’m delighted to win games, let us keep working and look ahead.
“Everyone is optimistic with him and we believe in his job.
“I believe it is too premature to speak about change but I think you can see a few changes he’s made about places, some players.
“Step-by-step we place his philosophy, his solution to play and I think he’s a great deal of things to bring about our group.”

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