Manchester City ‘responded like champions’ in win over Chelsea, says Roy Keane

The way of Manchester City’s 2-1 triumph over Chelsea was the”response of winners” after their defeat in Liverpool, Roy Keane told Sky Sports.
An anxious City side fell behind to N’Golo Kante’s first-half goal at the Etihad, but they turned the match on its mind before the period, with Kevin De Bruyne and Riyad Mahrez on target to maintain the nine-point gap to leaders Liverpool, and bounce back in their 3-1 defeat to the Reds out time.
Following the game, Keane said:”Manchester City responded like champions today. They penalized Chelsea because of their mistakes although they weren’t quite at their best and they needed to win. We saw the quality they have, even.
“Finally it is what you do with the ownership, and that I believe Chelsea didn’t really do enough. Frank (Lampard) will be happy, they did not park the bus and they had a return, but they were punished and that is exactly what the really great teams do.
“Pep (Guardiola) would have wanted a response from the game a couple of months ago. They have a brilliant mentor and vast and quality experience. I think he’s hurt by that game, there was always going to be a response and if they got the equaliser there was no doubt for me they were planning to move on and win.”
City boss Pep Guardiola was asked in his post-match press conference if he was worried when his side went 1-0 down, together with the possibility of falling 12 points behind Liverpool if they proceeded to lose confronting them.
But the double Premier League-winning boss explained:”We arrived back. You can approach thinking nine things whether it’s a game, or we are going off 12 points the press conferences ahead of the game it’s about’things are going bad’ or’people will eliminate that the Premier League’. Alright, we will lose that the Premier League.
“I understand what the results are in the Premier League following a team wins, what happens the next year. I know what has happened in the last 10 years. And we won it . And there is a team who is virtually unstoppable. There has been only one draw. Without that you have a chance. In any sport, do we give up? We fought, we fought and we fought today. The others are much better, and they play so we can shed.
“But it is always like this – what happens when it seems bad. There will be sun tomorrow, not in Manchester… You always have the option to think the players will reveal to you, you can promote them they will make it 1-1 and we could have scored more goals.
“When we play today or enjoy Liverpool, playing groups with caliber, you are likely to suffer. We have a great deal of issues not in the very best state and injuries, and it’s not easy to keep that level. You see their midfield, they have physicality. But that’s it. They beat Ajax plus they failed incredible, but we know what they are like so that is why I give our group a lot of credit”
On a figure cuts as manager as September 22, but took hope that the operation of Chelsea had revealed that his side cut the gap to the greatest teams in the division, having finished 26 points last season.
The Blues boss explained:”Big parts of the functionality were great, but there’s bits we can improve on. I thought there is a gap year, of however many factors, that’s what City and Liverpool have done.
“It was a difficult game, it felt as though we went toe-to-toe in the main, and also a moment of quality from Mahrez and a deflection for its first goal feels as though the gap to me. There was lots of detail from the match, but the quantity of times we got in either half to their third, but did not have that bit of quality which we could have. Games like this may be won or lost from the boxes, and that I think that happened.
“We’re coming to close this gap. I don’t wish to yell it too loudly because soccer is day-to-day, we will have to demonstrate that because it seems like a long time since we dropped in the league, go and return on it straight away.
“There were large parts of the game showing we’re coming. We are three or four months inwe understand things have shifted, we understand a few of our players have been at the Championship last year, we understand there is a different feel to it. However, when we continue working, we’ll be coming.”

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