Manchester United must adapt to Tranmere conditions, says Micky Mellon

Tranmere manager Micky Mellon states when they travel to Prenton Park on Sunday, Manchester United will have to accommodate to the conditions.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer takes his side towards the League One team, that beat Watford due to their FA Cup tie, on Thursday.
The pitch at Prenton Park had areas and many bald spots had been covered in sand during Tranmere’s win over the Hornets, and the outside is likely to be similar for the visit given the short turnaround between those matches of United.
However, Mellon has restricted sympathy for the Premier League side, saying:”People get confused and think they have got to perform on a different pitch.
“We’ll play the same pitch. Imagine if it’s windy? What if it is hailstones? Good players adjust and can accommodate to whatever – that’s exactly what you expect of them.
“They understand what the outcome has to be and that’s got to be trying to win a game of soccer and great players will discover a way of doing this on every surface.
“Manchester United gamers will probably be as well-equipped as anyone of finding ways of winning games of football in most situations.”
Despite spending his entire managerial career in the Football League, Mellon has got experience of training against United, having headed Shrewsbury when both sides met in 2016 in the fifth round.
Even the 47-year-old Scot knows his side will probably be huge underdogs on Sunday but doesn’t believe success above a United side enduring their worst start to a year in 30 years will be from the question.
“It’s probably as big as it has for Tranmere,” said Mellon. “In almost any season, to have the ability to welcome a team of the size and history to Prenton Park is fantastic for the entire area.
“There’s always opportunity in a match of football. There are certain things you’ve got to do in order to boost chance. Any game can be won by you.
“Anyone who knows anything about football knows how big Manchester United. But we are not playing against the magnitude of Manchester United, we’re playing against their team. We are going to focus on that.
“We are realistic that we’re likely to need to have a hell of a lot right but why not provide it the best go that you can?”

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