Marc and Alex Marquez united in MotoGP for next season

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The Spanish brothers will ride to the team in next season’s premier MotoGP championship following Jorge Lorenzo’s retirement.
Marquez senior was adamant in press conferences at Valencia last weekend that while he’d welcome the chance to race with his brother, the decision had not been produced, and he had no role in it.
The Repsol Honda team principal, alberto Puig, insists that the signing’s surname has nothing.
“The dialogue wasn’t with Marc — the conversation was Alex and his manager,” he told reporters.
“If Alex hadn’t attained the Moto2 world title we’d never have supplied him this chance. But he did, and they are brothers. Sothe following year they will be brothers and rivals.”
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In spite of how Marc Marquez’s amazing record from the game — at only 26 he’s won eight world titles, including six highest course wins — two things he did not have been attained by his younger god.
Alex has not only won the Moto3 and names, he has also won the Spanish championship, and the 23-year-old smilingly reminded the audience at Valencia Sunday.
The Repsol Honda has shown too hot to handle with no one coming close to sustained success and Marquez’s extraordinary, for many riders.
“[Marc Marquez] has been able to get this Honda fitting to his distinct design, but it appears to be quite difficult for some other Honda riders to tame the monster,” Lin Jarvis, Yamaha Racing’s managing director, told in Valencia Monday.
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Some observers have reservations regarding the signing.
“This is a risky movement for both Honda and Marc Marquez,” said David Emmett, editor of
“The Repsol Honda team is the most prestigious in the paddock, and as Marc stated at the start of the season with Lorenzo, being in this team means fighting for successes and podiums. If Alex Marquez fails, the finger of blame will be directed at Marc.”
“However, Alex comes to Repsol Honda as reigning Moto2 winner. .
“He’s a time on the bike already and is going to have a great deal of support. The biggest risk is that when Alex struggles, it becomes a nod to Marc, and he’ll need all his attention to attempt to defend his name.”

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