Margaret Court: Tennis Australia won’t ‘rewrite history’ amid anniversary plans

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Tennis Australia insists there are no plans to”rewrite history” within Margaret Court but reiterated its opposition to her perspectives on same-sex union.
Court would be to attend to the Australian Open in January as a special guest of completing the Grand Slam of winning all four occasions in 1970, in popularity.
Even the 77-year-old, a devout Christian, is a controversial figure because of her belief Tennis Australia has distanced itself and that gay people shouldn’t have the ability to wed.
“Australia is lucky that Margaret Court’s extraordinary playing achievements form part of our national tennis background,” Tennis Australia said in an open letter.
“Obviously, we will be recognising Margaret and her extraordinary tennis record, and contrary to many reports, there’s no plan to’rewrite history’.
“Margaret and her family are encouraged to the Australian Open in January. Her acting profession that is is her tennis legacy and clearly worthy of fame.
“But, the philosophy and culture of our game goes deeper than winning and setting records. We seek to foster a sport that’s welcoming of everybody and inclusive.
“We all bear some responsibility for creating a safe and inclusive society. As a game, tennis is in enjoying our part, unwavering.
“As we’ve often communicated to Margaret, we honor that everybody has a right to a view – and also that the right to state it.
“Equally, most of us share an obligation that although living our lives freely, we don’t hurt others, and we all know that there are effects to our own words.
“Likewise, we believe any person figure has a large responsibility to make sure their perspectives are expressed in a manner that demonstrates respect and endurance, and does not result in damage to, or disturb other people.
“It’s with all this in mind that we’ll continue to market and celebrate inclusiveness and diversity.”

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