Maria Sharapova’s ‘sad’ retirement the first of many to come, says Laura Robson

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The retirement of maria Sharapova is the first of many as tennis’ biggest superstars enter the twilight of their careers, ” says British No 1 Laura Robson.
Five-time Grand Slam winner Sharapova announced her retirement at the age of 32 in Wednesday.
The former world No 1, who won Wimbledon in 2004 after she was 17 years older, slumped to 373 in the WTA rankings and has fought with difficulties.
Robson states her announcement did not come as a surprise to anyone but admitted that it was sad to watch such champion go out with little fanfare.
“It didn’t actually come as a surprisemost people in the tennis world felt as if it had been building up to this with all the injuries she has had since her comeback from the drug prohibit,” Robson told Sky Sports News.
“How her body has just not been able to handle it – I find it unsurprising. It’s quite sad at exactly the identical moment to determine such a terrific winner head out so quietly.”
Robson also cautioned tennis enthusiasts to prepare themselves to get more”sad” exits as players such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams enter the last years of their storied careers.
“I believe [Sharapova’s] effect on the women’s game was enormous but also all around. She has been a huge name at the golfing world for so long since she was 17,” Robson continued.
“Seeing a large name go out, we will experience that over the upcoming few years with a lot of them as they attain their mid-30s. It’s miserable.”
Much of the argument surrounding Sharapova’s legacy is centred around her testing meldonium at 2016. She had been banned for 2 years later reduced to 15 months on charm – and returned to action in April 2017.
She was able to reach a high of world along with one Grand Slam quarter-final No 21 following her prohibit expired.
Robson says she favors to remember her because of her trademark grit on the courtroom and her ability to transcend the game.
“She had been one of these personalities at which if you got to know her it made sense. She and herself always stuck together. You need to honor the conclusion she needed, and the fight constantly from start to finish,” she said.
“I admired that and subsequently got to know her a little bit off the courtroom, we shared the exact same agent for a while, I’d had really great experience with her.
“I think you have to remember her as someone who fought in each game she had been part of. Someone to recovery with perseverance and determination and grit from so many injuries. When you think about it, she has had a profession when she was 17 because she started.
“I’d love her to be remembered as someone who is a huge part of the match and someone who transcended the sport.”
Robson, 25, was plagued by injury getting a second hip surgery in December.
She says she is from day to day because she continues her rehabilitation.
“I think that it’s going well, it’s hard to tell. I am seeing my doctor again but so far it has gone well. I’m not getting a lot of pain day-to-day, which is the major thing,” she disclosed.
At the usa Open in 2012, the fourth round of Wimbledon, Robson attained the fourth round at her finest at 2013 and has been ranked world. She won an Olympic silver medal in mixed doubles.
When asked if she believes she can scale the very exact heights on her return, such as Murray has done, she answered:”Absolutely. That has always been the aim and I wouldn’t be in the National Tennis Centre every day doing all my rehab and such exercises if I did not feel there was a opportunity.
“Mentally it’s been harder than physically. It’s that process where you feel as though you are starting every time. It appears to get longer and longer each time, sometimes it’s disheartening but you have to focus on all the positive measures.”

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