Mario Balotelli: Massimo Cellino defended by Brescia over ‘joke’ comment

Brescia have defended president Massimo Cellino within a remark he made concerning striker Mario Balotelli’s race.
The Serie A team state Cellino, that had been Leeds involving 2014-17’s proprietor and chairman, was chased together with his opinions on Monday.
When asked regarding Balotelli, Cellino responded:”He is black, what do I say? He is working on clearing himself he’s having a lot of trouble”
Brescia subsequently published a statement in defence of the president, which reads:”Brescia Calcio points out that it was a joke, clearly misunderstood, that was created in an effort to play down excessive media exposure along with the aim of protecting the player himself.”
Since returning to his home team, balotelli has fought and has been dropped following a dispute with coach Fabio Grosso to Roma, for Sunday’s defeat.
The 29-year-old striker was also the aim of racist chants earlier in November, during a game in Hellas Verona.
Before threatening to leave the area because of racist chants, balotelli kicked off a ball towards the racks throughout the next half and the game was suspended for several minutes.
Hellas Verona have been given a arena ban for a consequence of the episode, but the German FA appeals court has suspended the closed.
Balotelli rejoined Serie A following three years in the French league and has scored two goals in seven games, though, he has not been able to assist Brescia off the bottom of the table.

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