Marquette Golden Eagles at Butler Bulldogs NCAAM Pick – January 24th

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From the immortal words of Andre 3000, what’s hotter than hot? Ice cold! We have been killing the match thus far in 2020, since we returning the ROI north of 50% and have been winning at an 80% drop all month . When we picked up a win by backing the Indiana Hoosiers we maintained that streak.
Essentially every house dog has been bet league drama by me with, and I am winning at over a 90% clip. Road teams only have not managed to breakthrough in what I think is the best conference in the nation.
Thus, once I saw the public had again jumped onto the wrong side of this action, and allowed me to back Indiana in the home, a team which has been 3-0 in home conference matches, against Michigan State, a group which was 0-2 ATS away from home at Big 10 play, also get four points, I was leaping for joy.
And when the Hoosiers jumped out to an 18-4 lead, I knew that I was on the side. The Spartans made a game out of it, since they do, and took the lead . But at the conclusion of the afternoon, Indiana stayed undefeated at home with the underdog triumph that was outright, and we awakened a different ticket.
The triumph was a substantial one for the Hoosiers, and they finally have signature wins over Michigan State, Ohio State, and Florida State, and are just one game back in the loss column behind Illinois and Michigan State for first place in the Big 10.
For the Spartans, they will have to find a way to begin winning on the street, and also in a rush. They’ve seven road games left to the program in conference play, after playing five out of their first seven league matches at home . For today’s selection, we will head to the Big East, in which the Marquette Golden Eagles are hosted by the Butler Bulldogs.
The Butler Bulldogs host the Marquette Golden Eagles tonight in a conflict of Big East contenders. The Bulldogs have now managed to lose three consecutive games after beginning the year 15-1, and some questions about their capacity to operate Big East play unscathed, happen to be rapidly answered since they’re just 3-3 in league play, and are in sixth place.
For Marquette, they are heating up in league playas later losing three they have won three straight to go up into a tie for third place at the league. They did manage to pick up the season sweep over Butler season, although the Golden Eagles know precisely how difficult it is to win on the road in Hinkle Fieldhouse.
We said Marquette was able to sweep both the Bulldogs last year, such as selecting a win in the road at Hinkle Fieldhouse, and I have got one name Markus Howard, to you if you wish to understand how they did it. Howard is the straw that stirs the drink at Marquette, and that leads the nation in scoring.
At an upset victory, Howard is scoring things a match, such as dropping forty-two on Georgetown across the road, in his last five games, all against Big East opponents. If Butler can not find a way to slow him down, then they will see out that this losing streak stretch to four straight games.
What happened to Butler? The Bulldogs were a possible one seed at the NCAA tournament, along with 15-1 resembles the favorites to emerge from the Big East as regular season champions and long ago. Now they’re attempting to figure out just where things went wrong and in the base of the Big East standings. When you return on this 15-1 begin, they did play some games sometimes.
Of these fifteen wins, seven of them came from teams beyond the top-100, and of those, five came against teams ranked outside the top-250. Since they did pick up quality wins over Minnesota, Missouri Florida, and Purdue from the non-conference but it wasn’t all beating up on teams for Butler. We understand they could compete against, and beat, quality contest, making this slide more difficult to understand.
I smell angry tonight. When Butler lost at home two weeks ago against Seton Hall, the Pirates point guard lit them up for twenty-nine points. When they lost against DePaul, Jalen Coleman-Lands, the Blue Demons guard, had his best scoring game of the season with twenty points. Are you sensing a trend here? I’m.
However, when you look at this full Marquette team, they have a lot of guys that could fill this up from three since they’re top-10 team in the country in three-point shooting percentage in a staggering 39.6% as a team. I visit it raining threes tonight in Indy.
While I really do think that Marquette has a very real opportunity to knock Butler tonight, snatch those up six points and ” I’m am likely to take the safer play. I think Howard drops at least thirty, as Howard should draw a whole lot of attention, and I visit his mates sniping from the perimeter all evening getting a lot of great appearances.
I hate to rear road teams in match play, and Hinkle is notoriously tough to win at, but just like in the battle game, styles make fights. And Marquette is designed to beat on this Butler Bulldog group using their high scoring, and more crime. Give the six points tonight on the street and that the Marquette Golden Eagles to me!

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