Max Verstappen says Red Bull hope to target F1 titles in 2020

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Max Verstappen believes it’s 50/50 whether Honda and Red Bull will mount an assault on F1’s world championships .
The Dutchman is that the winner of eight grands prix and established as one of the greatest names in F1 in the age of 22 but winners Red Bull have produced the winners of races rather than name challengers since the dawn of the Mercedes-dominated hybrid in 2014.
But together with Verstappen asserting his original F1 pole-victory double time outside in Brazil, completing their season with Honda motors strongly, has raised expectations about the danger Red Bull could continue season.
And Verstappen is sure that the team can take that momentum through the winter.
“We heard a lot throughout the entire year,” Verstappen told Sky Sports News in a Red Bull camel polo event before the weekend’s season-closing Abu Dhabi GP. “What went well and what we did or did not do so well.
“We’ll attempt to operate within the winter of course to attempt to make it all better, the entire package. You are able to plainly see throughout the year’s end today [Red Bull have been ], of course in general we have always been like that, but I truly have a lot of confidence that it is not just now.
“I think we could transform that into a young start next year. That’s at the goal.”
Asked if that will therefore mean a 2020 title challenge, Verstappen responded:”That is what we’re trying for.
“You never know, therefore it’s 50-50. It is yes or no”
Verstappen’s impressive victory at Interlagos that a fortnight ago – which the Dutchman credited to a”quite ballsy” strategy call from the pit and fast pit stops, among which was the quickest-ever at F1 – represented his and his team’s third of the year.
“Already throughout the past couple of races we were really advancing, so of course very pleased,” explained Verstappen.
“Now a race to move so we’ll attempt to have a fantastic weekend and try to finish it off with good feelings going into the winter .”
Verstappen is in line to procure his F1 championship end of third in the Abu Dhabi race of this Sunday game. The Dutchman contributes Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc by 11 points.
The 2019 F1 season’s last race occurs at Abu Dhabi that weekend, and will probably be live on Sky Sports F1.

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