Mel Mansfield calls for confidence from Wasps Netball in attack

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Because they look to put a Beat at the Vitality Netball Superleague Season Opener Supporting them in Birmingham mel Mansfield has called for Optimism in the attack-end of Wasps Netball.

The champions were not able to fully recuperate from a costly quarter against Manchester Thunder and commenced their 2020 campaign.
Following a campaign that included a visit to partake in Super Club, Wasps didn’t need this first game to feel like match one and had set their sights.
But it was their competitors who ultimately that proved to be pricey and charged out of the cubes the quicker of the two.
“I am frustrated. It’s not a excellent enough start from us now and we will look carefully at why that happened and return shooting for Mavericks,” Mansfield said.
“To provide ourselves a six-goal deficit was demanding. We kept clawing back things but then at crucial moments would give the ball away.
“I believe we will need to be able to confidently pass the ball to our shooters and that I think a whole great deal of confidence, which I’m confident will grow during the season.”
Wasps, like Thunder, approached this match with new employees in their attack-end after the departure of Bongi Msomi in the end of last year.
The England Roses athlete Iona Christian was given the nod to start alongside Katie Harris in the Rachel Dunn and GA in shooter.
As the first-half performed, Wasps’ fluidity didn’t fit that of Thunder’s which post-match was highlighted by the Scotland head coach Tamsin Greenway.
“Thunder were ordered right from the start. They understood what they were hoping to do and I thought Ash Neal was strong in her position,” Greenway said.
“Kathryn Turner complimented her quite well and they seemed better prepared. Whereas Wasps took the time to find those connections ”
England Netball head coach Jess Thirlby was part of this Sky Sports commentary team predicting the Grand Final re-match and also reflected on Wasps’ attack-end.
“Iona Christian will grow with each match that she gets,” Thirlby explained.
“I simply think that the players out of Thunder were more seamless compared to new players to Wasps. The for Wasps did not learn enough, they had to secure greater depth.
“Jade Clarke and Iona Christian got captured level early in the match and were somewhat insecure with going direct to the group too soon.
“They needed to perform a couple more phases, enter the pockets and penetrate a little bit more.”
“For most of the game the scores were level, the largest difference was in the opening quarter,” Thirlby added. “It is one of those annoying kinds for Mel Mansfield.”
Wasps Netball’s first opportunity to put Birmingham supporting them arrives on March 2 when they host Saracens Mavericks at the Ricoh Arena.
Kat Ratnapala’s group, a largely settled squad, will arrive there with confidence after devoting their very slow start, to procure a victory.
“Wasps dropped by six targets, they nevertheless put 55 on the board, and that was on a bad day,” Greenway said.
“They have a lot to go and I believe that the group will grow as the year goes.”
Coverage of this Vitality Superleague season lasts on Monday March 2 when London Pulse entertain, connect us on Sky Sports YouTube, Mix and Arena from 7pm.

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