Mercedes’ DAS innovation won’t be allowed under F1 2021 rules

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Mercedes’ steering wheel is only going to be in a position to be used in 2020 using the apparatus effectively outlawed from the 2021 regulations.
As rival teams consider whether to introduce their own DAS – Dual-Axis Steering – apparatus for the forthcoming season after Mercedes stunned the sport with its introducion during Test One, it’s been confirmed that this sort of device wouldn’t be permitted next year – when F1’s rules are being overhauled.
F1’s 2021 regulations were first published last October and also Article 10.5 states that”the re-alignment of the wheels… has to be uniquely defined by a monotonic function of the rotational position of a single steering wheel”.
FIA race director Michael Masi informed a media conference on Friday:”You have been very proficient in noticing the change to the 2021 technical regulations.”
“We’ll see what groups can come up with, in those boundaries of the regulations are composed to get in 2021.”
Sky Sports News’ Craig Slater reported from Barcelona:”The FIA knew about this particular system that Mercedes were developing. Mercedes liaised in its growth with them.
“But this is going to be an innovation for one season only.”

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