Minnesota Timberwolves vs San Antonio Spurs NBA Pick – November 27

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The NBA is set with an action packed night of basketball throughout Wednesday night. Fourteen games are around the board to the NBA on November 27. One of those matchups will be involving the Minnesota Timberwolves and the San Antonio Spurs. These two teams will look to pull off a win before Thanksgiving. This game will tip off at around 8:30 PM Eastern time.
The Timberwolves have started out this season with a record of 9-8, that has been sitting in seventh position of their Convention. Minnesota is coming off a solid win, but have lost four of their past six matches. The Timberwolves will seem to beat the Spurs that are fighting and are currently attempting to keep climbing in the Western Conference standings.
San Antonio is sitting in place in the Western Conference with a record of 6-12. The Spurs have lost eleven of their last playoff games. After becoming a playoff team over the past 22 seasons san Antonio hasn’t looked the same this year. The Spurs playoff series is in jeopardy this season, but there is still a lot of time for them to turn it about.
The Timberwolves and the Spurs are currently coming into this match stumbling a large. Minnesota has a better start to this year, but I expect the towel to not throw on the summer soon. The Spurs started out 4-1 this year and will look to strike on a winning streak that was nice to try and get back to a winning record.
Both of these teams met up four occasions . San Antonio pulled away with a 112-108 win and hosted the game. Where the Timberwolves won 128-89, the game shifted to Minnesota. The next two games went with scores of 124-98 and 116-113 in favor of this Spurs. This helped San Antonio win the season series 3-1.
Minnesota hosted the first game of this season’s show on November 13. DeMar DeRozan finished with 27 points, while LaMarcus Aldridge put up 23 points for the Spurs. Andrew Wiggins had a big night. Karl-Anthony Towns had 28 points and 11 rebounds to give the Timberwolves an.
The Spurs have dominated the Timberwolves within the past couple of seasons. San Antonio was in the playoffs consistently though, although Minnesota has missed out on the playoffs. I believe that their success can be still found by the Spurs against the Timberwolves within this , although those functions are anchored at this time. San Antonio is at home, which might assist this Minnesota team is knocked by them.
The Timberwolves haven’t been good at shooting this year. Minnesota has only made 44.1 percent of the shots from the field, and it is 25th in the NBA. The Timberwolves have produced 31.7 percent of their shots from behind the arc, which is 28th in the league. Minnesota has generated 53.2 percent of their shots from inside the arc, which is top ten in the league.
San Antonio’s field goal shooting has been really solid this year. The Spurs have created 47.4 percent of the shots in the area, which if 4th best in the NBA this season. San Antonio has made 36.2 percent of the shots from behind the arc and also 51.7 percent of the shots from inside the arc. Both of the numbers are at the upper half of the league.
The Spurs shooting has been really solid this season, which signals they are far better than their record suggests. San Antonio’s defense has been their downfall. The Spurs have let opposing teams to make 47.9 percent of the shots from the field, which is at the bottom five of the league. Minnesota on the other hand, has held their opponents into a shooting percentage of 45 percent.
Karl-Anthony Towns has had a solid start to this season for Minnesota. He’s averaging 26.5 points a game with 12.5 rebounds. Andrew Wiggins has averaged 25 points a match. Jeff Teague is averaging about 13 points and 7.5 assists per match in the Point Guard spot. Robert Covington has averaged 12.5 points, while Jake Layman is averaging 10.5 points a match.
San Antonio has observed a solid season. DeRozan has averaged 22 points a game. LaMarcus Aldridge is averaging 19 points a game with 6.5 rebounds per game. Bryn Forbes has averaged 13 points a game. Rudy Gay and Patty Mills are just averaging 11.5 points a game off the seat. Dejounte Murray helps round out the lineup with 10.5 points per game.
The Timberwolves have observed a fantastic duo type between Andrew Wiggins along with Karl-Anthony Towns this season. Wiggins seems to finally be breaking this season out following a few years of mediocrity. The Spurs have experienced a nice thickness scoring lineup so far this year. San Antonio will desire their bench.
The Spurs have struggled a lot over their stretch of matches. San Antonio dropped to Minnesota earlier in this season, but I believe they will bounce back with a win in this one. The Spurs have a shooting lineup along with their shield may be able to slow down the Timberwolves, that don’t possess the very best field goal. San Antonio may also search for their bench to measure up to help them out.
BetOnline has got the Spurs recorded as a -2 from the spread. San Antonio is in this match and onto a stretch, however I think they will bounce back with a win. It ought to help set them up When Wiggins and Towns cans slow . I believe that San Antonio bounces straight back in their loss against the Timberwolves earlier in the summer with a win this time around.

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